Lawn applicators: What spring pre emergent do you use now?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by TooMuchClay, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. GaryCinChicago

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    Pendimethalin, dithiopyr and prodimine all have different residuals, with prodimine being the longest.

    It all depends on what your are targeting. Crabgrass germintaes once soil temperatures are rather warm, later in spring, while poa annua germintes when soil temps are cooler betwen 70 and 55 degrees.

    The OP mentions broadleafs ... for that there is isoxaben as a pre emergent.
  2. WenzelOSLLC

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    I used one app of Dimension this year, Slightly higher rate because it was mixed with the fert and I wanted more N and a bit more on the Post control side.

    I read a report that there was no need to treat with pre early here (MN, IA) because the ground hadn't been warm enough until around April 1st/2nd anyways for seed to germinate regardless of what is growing.

    I asked my dealer about the big difference between Dimension and Barricade and he said that Dimension offers some Post control and that depending on how wet/dry the season is one will last longer than the other. I believe he said if its really wet Dimension won't last as long as barricade and vise versa.
  3. All Season Bill

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    After years of putting up with yellow stained everything, I too switched to the cleaner Dimension, 5 years ago. It seems to be doing OK.
  4. fireman gus

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    For our first app (February) we use max rate of Prodiamine. Works great for crabgrass.

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