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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by s and s mowing, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. s and s mowing

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    anybody ever use the free standing lawn bag from landscapers supply,or do you have a better idea.i want something for when im trimming bushes i can put plastic around bush then when i finish i can just dump derbis in a big bag and when done throw in truck.any ideas?????
  2. mkwl

    mkwl LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have 6 of the big green barrels. I use them for grass clippings and other things. They are made of really tough plastic and they work great!! I think you would be better off with barrels than bags, IMO.
  3. turftammer

    turftammer LawnSite Member
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    get a 55 gal. rubbermaid trash can fill it up dump it in the truck. they last a long time and have good strong handles
  4. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
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    You don't say if you are keeping the debris in the barrels/bags, or wanting to dump it into a dump truck, open trailer, or ???

    Even though I have a couple of 44 gal Brute barrels, I usually leave them sit and use a tarp. Typically, I'm dumping in an open trailer for bulk disposal. For heavy debris (e.g. grass clippins, heavy bush clippings), I use a 7X7 (Landscaper's Supply ... I think) tarp. Gathering the four corners and swinging it over my shoulder is easier to carry out than a barrel. The tare weight of the hauling device is much less than a barrel. I can easily fold up three or four tarps under my arm to spread out than to carry three or four barrels. Maybe large canvas bags are different - I've never had one and didn't see the need of the cost.

    For lighter debris, I use an 8X10 tarp.
  5. macaw

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    I have had one for 4 years the 27 cu ft one. They are nice but if you fill it up with grass or trimming they get heavy and make it hard to get on a truck. You can pull them on a trailer or pull them somewhere to dump.You can put a rope on it and pull it around with your mower. They are very strong. If you fill them up on the back of your truck there not to hard to pull off and dump .They fold up into a Small package I put it in my tool box don't take up much room. Go to They are much cheaper there.
  6. s and s mowing

    s and s mowing LawnSite Member
    from ky
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    thanks,just what i was looking for.perfect
  7. N.H.BOY

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    ROGER-- Good idea, I use trash barrels myself and leave them on my trailer for unloading at my place I can fit three up front of trailer easy to get to and unload. It works for me, but I might try the tarp way to test it out. Always try new ideas to cut out time and money. Thanks

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