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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by the archer, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Sorry but most people with $ 125 K cash are not real interested in purchasing a Lawn Business. I used to buy mowing Business instead of advertising. Because I had both the irrigation and Pest License is was a great way to build those Accounts by up sells. Because it is so hard to sell a mowing business I could buy them sweat equity. I mowed them for so many months while the former guy collected. This make it more affordable for me and they got paid while still having some control.

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    Ric is right. Few have the cash to pay you. Few banks will loan for that situation. Banks may loan a few dollars on iron--equipment--because it is can be repoed.

    You have to become your own bank. Let your buyer pay 20 percent per month and take a few percent for interest.

    Protect yourself in case he fails to pay. As Ric suggested, let him do the work and you retain the company name and have the checks sent to you. After the final payment transfer the name and change the mailing address.

    Deal the equipment separately.
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    Who the hell is going to pay $125k to move back up north and live in that crap again? Especially in a Chicago area suburb or close to Gary IN....wasn't Gary the Murder capital of the country a few years back? Sounds like a great place to risk it all and move your family too.:nono: Sounds like a dream set up...where do I sign up? I personally can not wait to push snow :rolleyes: Good luck getting a buck and a quarter cash out of someone on that. :confused: Not saying you can not find a buyer...just doubting that you are going to get a cash price for it in this economy...unless a cash rich larger company feels it just has too much cash laying around and thinks investing in lawns is the best possible ROI they are going to see :nono:

    Good Luck to you though.
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    I would contact a business broker in your area. They will do a valuation on your business usually based on "owner benefit" . Owner benefit is your salary plus whatever benefits you have like company car health care etc. Most companies in general sell for 1-3 times owner benefit. A business broker will reach out to business people who want to make a return on investment. If your company is run soundly and has a track record of turning a profit you can sell it just like any other business. Biggest mistake people make trying to sell a landscape business is getting advice and valuations from broke lawn jockeys. Take artistree in my area. A business guy retiring from up north bought this company and one other company a few years back. The other company was an ice cream stand or something. Turned artistree into a 15 million dollar a year company (aprox.) Gross sales doesn't mean very much when evaluating a business, it's all about the profit. Go onto and you will find plenty of business like yours on there for sale.
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    I have had some good offers for my equipment, now considering selling equipment and accounts separately, If anyones interested please contact me.
    pics of equipment available

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    I used a business broker in Sarasota, many years ago, to sell my business there. They found an officer in the Air Force that wanted to retire, move south and just keep busy, they got me a bunch more money than I would have had the --- to ask for. Go to a business broker !!!

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