Lawn Boy 10697 vs Troy Bilt TB340XP

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by whitenack, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Anyone got an opinion on Lawn Boy vs. Troy Bilt? Looking for at a residential push mower in the $350-400 range, and I believe it might be down to these guys. I have the specs comparison below, if you want to check it out. Otherwise, just tell me what you think about the quality of construction of the two brands.

    Lawn Boy 10697 vs. Troy Bilt TB340XP

    PRICE -- Exact same price, except I would have to pay 6% sales tax for TB --- slight advantage: LB

    ENGINE -- LB = Honda GCV 160 vs TB = B&S OHV 755 --- Is the Honda better than the B&S here, or does the B&S get the nod since it is bigger?

    TORQUE -- LB = ? vs TB = 7.75 ft/lbs --- Difference is probably unnoticable?

    DECK -- Both are 21" steel

    WHEELS -- LB = 8" vs TB = 8x12" --- Advantage: TB

    FUEL TANK -- LB = .29 gallons vs. TB = .4 gallons --- Advantage: TB

    BLADE BRAKE -- LB = yes vs. TB = no --- Advantage: LB

    TRANSMISSION -- LB = Sens-a-Speed (auto variable) vs. TB = 6 speed manual --- Slight advantage: LB?

    MOWING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT -- LB = Each Wheel vs. TB = 1 lever --- Slight advantage TB (not that big of a deal because I can't remember the last time I changed the mowing height)

    WEIGHT -- LB = 91 lbs vs. TB = ?

    WARRANTY -- LB = 3 yrs vs. TB = 2 yrs --- Slight Advantage: LB

    PARENT COMPANY -- LB = Toro vs. TB = Briggs & Stratton --- Advantage: ?
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    My 2 cents. They are both junk and will only give you maybe a couple years of service before something breaks.

    Go to a dealer, not a box store, and look at Snapper, Toro, John Deere (would have to be a used model). Forget what I said about box store for a second, and look at the Hondas at Home Depot. The higher-end models are pretty nice. If you don't need the BBC or hydrostat drive you are still in your price range.

    I know there's always been junk mowers on the market, but it seems really saturated these days. Back 20+ years ago you bought a mower from a hardware store or a dealer, and a "residential" model was not much different than commercial. A homeowner could expect to get 10 to 15 years of service out of the mower, providing they took care of it. Now everything is built for planned obsolence. Hurry up and buy another new one so we don't go out of business.

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