Lawn Boy M-series

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Jason Rose, Jun 27, 2005.

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    Anyone else own one of these? Talk about one fo the best mowers ever made! I have one that was giving me fits a few years back. It would fire up on the first pull one time and then the next it had no spark at all. Well I assumed it was the magnetic safety switch for the catcher but I never bothered to actually fix it. I pulled it out of starage a week ago and took a look at it. No matter what I did trying to jumper those wires or unplug it there was still no spark. Fianlly after getting it at eye levey I noticed another set of wires! Running to the oil tank, the low oil sensor... I unplugged it and boom, I had a spark again!
    Now, mind you this mower has been sitting 3 years, had never been actually drained so the gas simply evaporated. I figured there was no chance it would start because the carb. had to be solid gum. Well I threw some fuel in it, put the throttle on choke and ONE PULL if fired up and ran! Smoked so much the neghibors thought my garage was on fire for a couple minutes, but eventually smoothed out and runs like the day I bought it 10 years ago!
    This was almost my first mower, other than a duraforce lawnboy and a snapper prior to it. Neither even came close to the mowing capabilities of this little machine. It does not clog and you can mow in the rain easily. Also, of your cheap plastic wheels have shot craps, the Toro Proline STEEL BALL BEARING WHEELS fit it perfectly! Same maker (toro) You have to modify the rear wheel gear cover a bit but it works!

    Why they stopped making that mower is beyond me... There is really NO good 21" mower out there anymore...

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