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    Hello everyone my name is Marty and i own a company named Lawn Builders. our primary service is sod removal and installations, we also will cater to our customers wants if they request additional services while we are installing thier new lawn, such as mulch beds trenching finish grading, topsoil, fertilizing, overseeding etc. We currently only offer those services as an add on to a sod install mainly because most of our installs take the entire day or longer when we have to remove and regrade the yard.
    A little about myself ,my wife's family has a large local sod farm which I operated for about 10 years. My wife was the office manager for several years as well.I took a short break to help my family out with their business (franchised tire stores) for a couple of years and took advantage of the corporate training classes in business and the retail side of things. I was never a indoors type person so when I wasn't (needed) as much I decided it was time to go back to what i enjoy doing.
    My wife and I have been in business for a little over a year now. We actually made a few dollars last year fully expecting to lose money ! We specialize in the smaller residential lawns the ones most sod companys consider to small to fool with. That being said we installed a little over 20,000 yards of sod our first year and look to double that this year with more agresive advertising and sales.
    Anyway thanks for the rant and look forward to meeting many new people in the business here. Thank you, Marty S.
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

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