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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ODUrugger, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Hey yall..... Im've been running a decently successfull buis down in VA for a while..... problem is my girl is from Nebraska and has been wanting to head home now that school is done for her. Now... I have a realatively easily replaceable number of accounts.... but whats the market like up in Lincoln? I mean.... what are average prices lik per 10k yard? ... How long are the mowing seasons? Most weekly? Bi-weekly? I know these may sound silly.... but geography wise.... I have no cluse what Nebraska is Any thoughts or insight on things up there would be helpful.


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    Hi JT
    I'm not in Lincoln but a bout 120 miles NW of there. I did live in Lincoln for 6 years and even did some mowing there in the early 90's.

    I get about 25-30 cuts per season here starting about the first of april running up to thanksgiving. the last month or so of the season is just leaf cleanups and every-other week mowing. but for most of the season lawns need mowing every week especially if they are watered regularly.
    Lincoln has over 200,000 people now so there should be enough work. Plus its not a bad city to live in if you have to live in a city. I prefer the country life out here. YOu might think about Norfolk. A town of about 20k (the same as Columbus) I here that there are very few guys mowing there.
    Any other ??? just ask.
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    Nice.... thanks for the heads up... Still figureing it all out but it sounds like things could work... I'll check into Norfolk and definately will post back for if I get any other questions. Thank you!


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