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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by alecsworld, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. alecsworld

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    My fertilizer guy spot sprayed with "trimec plus" and all the spots are brown. The weeds are dead but the grass is stunted as well. Should I be concerned or will it bouce back? Just looking for a non biased opinion! thanks
  2. GreenUtah

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    So when you say"stunted", are you saying the lawn just isn't growing as fast in those spots now or are you saying it's taking on a tan color? if it's taking on a tan color(burn), then it depends on the reason why it burned in the first place. If it was from overmixing(too much herb.), maybe, if it were from applying in temps too hot for the product, probably, if it were from a fertilizer that he added with it, possibly not. whatever the case, flush the areas with water or reseed if necessary.
  3. alecsworld

    alecsworld LawnSite Member
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    spots are all brown, He was using a spot sprayer and the damage is localized to small areas. Cant say what he added but it was low 80s when he applied it?
  4. upidstay

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    Just talked to a friend o mine who's guy acidentally put round up instead of 3 way in the tank. Hope that didn't happen here.
    As far as will it come back? Well, that depends on what was sprayed and how bad the damage is. More importantly, how healthy was the grass before it was sprayed. Healthy, growing turf should recover from a minor pesticide burn. I have scorched some spots over the years, and most of them came back. Irrigate and pray.
  5. americanlawn

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    If Trmec plus was used, the roots of the turf should still be alive and healthy. Drenching these spots with water a couple times a week should bring it back very quickly -- new growth should begin to emerge with 7 - 10days.
    Sounds like he held the wand too close to the ground or "soaked" each weed. A fine mist is usually enough to kill most weeds.
    Hopefully Roundup was not mistakenly used. Good luck.
  6. TOMMY1115

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    Yellowing of the turf is common when you use MSMA (Trimec Plus). Assuming the lawn is not too stressed you should be ok.
  7. alecsworld

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    thanks for all the info, this is what my guy tells me as well. There is a hint of green at the base of the grass so i will h20 heavy and hope i am ok.

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