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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by N.TX, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Do any of you guys have additional services that you offer your customers that are high in profits. I am expanding my business to add on some other stuff and I want to get some more ideas before I do too much with it and make sure im going in the right direction. I know you can do landscaping ect.... but im talking like specifics niche ideas that really work for you. Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. djchiodo3

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    I do irrigation service and tree trimming. I did detail clients cars when I first started, but soon was over whelmed just cutting. Know one company that added pool service to his lawn route. Best money is made if you can get your license to treat grass with chemicals. Here in FL you need a license to do turf management and a different license to spray round-up in the beds. Turf lic is not easy to get.
  3. Uponone605

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    Driveway sealing, virtually no overhead, and very simple.
  4. WildassBaughb

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    I added lawn & landscape treatments. I am getting customers from the big guys (Lawn Doctor, ChemLawn, etc.) because I know my clients lawns better and can coordinate the treatments with cutting. I am also picking up new clients just for the treatments because they see the results I am getting with my clients. This side of the biz does have more education, licenses and insurance but is worth it because it is very profitable. The average lawn here can be done in 30-40 minutes using $10-20 worth of chemicals for a fee of $55-65. Don't get into the big equipment until you get a lot of accounts. It can all be done with backpack sprayers and small WB (50#) spreaders. Doing more for your current clients is an easy way to increase revenue without major advertising costs.
  5. djchiodo3

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    How long did it take you to get your PPO license so you could treat lawns?
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  6. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    It's good to see that you realize just cutting grass does'nt make the money. There are several things you can do. Lighting, irrigation,driveway sealing,fert& weed control, paint address on curb, tree maintenance roof/ house wash, window washing, landscape maint.... think of anything outside the home that need attention from the customer and sell it as a service.

    Hope this helps,
  7. WildassBaughb

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    License for lawn treatments vary from state to state but it involved taking a course and testing for the license.
  8. Dugann

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    My landscape maintenance crew takes what I call spin off jobs and takes care of any extra jobs that a property management company in town sends our way. This away my mowing crews dose not have to break stride to take care of these jobs. They just sell them and or take the job request.

    Spin off job to me are small high profit jobs and one time jobs that come in from advertising. We try to take care of our customers from lawn maintenance to landscape maintenance and every other outside type job that they might need done. If my boys see something that needs to be done, address, or a need for it they ask the customer. You would be surprised how much extra income that is generated off this.

    It is hard depending on how you are set up to take the time to take on these jobs. However so many companies leave so much money on the table by not asking one question "is there anything else that we can help you with.", or by simply seeing something that needs to be done and ignoring it because they don't have the time, because it would get them off schedule. These jobs could pay for LCO to hire another person to preform these type of jobs.
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    How about holiday lighting? A couple of my customers asked about putting up and taking down decorations for whatever holiday they dress up their house for. Hanging Christmas lights can pad your pocket if you know what you're doing on a ladder in winter weather.....
  10. lawnservice09

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    I added Roof Cleaning and House Washing to my Business

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