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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jaymo3141, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. JFGLN

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    Don't forget the 15% for self employment tax. You should be setting aside 30% for taxes.
  2. windflower

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    SE tax can be offset by numerous credits a broke student is likely eligilible for. I doubt with the income stated he has much liability to state or federal.
  3. LawnsharkMB

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    Do you really have to keep receipts?

    I've been told by people in the business your bank statements are all you need unless you pay cash for something which you would need a receipt to write off.
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  4. Roger

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    You are right, I was wrong. I did more checking, and confirmed that CA is a bracketed system, not the straight 12% as I suggested.

    Not only is it a bracketed system (with typically higher rates on the lower end than most states that do have an income tax), but includes an uptick on rates for those in high income ranges. One has to be over the $1M mark for the 9.3% "standard" bracket to be in effect, but also a 3% uptick, making the top range 12.3%. Prop 30 was sold as a "tax on the rich" but it successfully dragged in everybody, including those in lower income ranges.

    Good catch,... thanks.
  5. Charles

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    I don't think I would mention "under the table " to the IRS:laugh:
  6. twomancrew

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    Holy Mary, you better have a receipt for EVERY PENNY.
  7. gulfjoe

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    I keep my recipets, but why isn't a bank statement good enough for the IRS or anyone else for that matter.
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  8. twomancrew

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    Hire a CPA, most will tell you over the phone now what is needed in the Spring. Don't take my word for it. Call one up on Monday morning.
  9. Efficiency

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    Can I claim my dog as a dependent?
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  10. tonygreek

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    Yes, but only if it's fulltime.
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