Lawn business as thier only career and never looked back

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GreenMan33, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. GreenMan33

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    I was wondering how many people have started a lawn business and never looked back. Has done this as their only career. How old were you when you started? If you had a chance to go back to corporate America would you do it. What advice would you give to the new people getting into the lawn business?

  2. 205mx

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    19when I started. Wife has a love hate relationship with her corp job. Every 7 months they talk layoffs. Full time by 21.
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    I'm always looking for greener grass.

    Personally I was full throttle set on being a Firefighter EMT for a respected district up until about 2005 or so.

    Still pondering an aviation job.
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  4. blakescape

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    I started mowing lawns in the neighbood since I was 12. Started my landscaping business when I was 18 and have been working during the weekends and spring/summer/winter breaks since. I'm 22 now, in my fourth year of college for a degree in civil engineering and I still enjoy the hard work outdoors. My business has a solid reputation and the thing I love most about running a business is that I call all the shots and I don't have to take orders from anyone. I still have to listen to my clients, but most of them are a pleasure to deal with.
    I'm gonna take my EIT (engineer in training) test in the fall. In order to get my P.E. license, I have to work under a P.E. for 4 years and take another 8 hour test. Although I can make good money as an engineer, it will take another 4 years to get to that point and make enough that would compete with the amount I can make in business. Also, I'm too independent to give up my business for a career in the corporate world. If I do put in the 4 years to get my P.E, it will be to benefit my business ventures and not my corporate career.
  5. Five Points

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    I graduated from college in 1991with a diploma in horticulture.Worked as a golfcourse supt. from 91 to 2003, Then quit for various reasons. Factory job for three months. The money was good but i was going crazy.

    I then worked landscape construction for two years, I learned alot but i missed the smell of grass. I had 3 kids and another on the way, I thought there has got to be more than going to the back door for a paycheck every Friday.So 2005 I started on my own. I have about 50 accounts that would equal 100 residentials. plus extras. I could be bigger but I am comfortable at this size

    I love it. some days not always, but most days
  6. Smallaxe

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    Can't think of anything I'd rather do,,, and don't regret any of it... I feel sorry for those to whom the 'grubbing for dollars', dominates their thinking... they can't enjoy or even appreciate work of any kind... :)
  7. dnc19694339

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    I also cant think of anything Id rather do, I just wish I could do it all year long!
  8. bohiaa

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    I started many years ago. about 40. been doing it off and on this entire time....." would always fall back on it "

    After Major life changes I cam back to it. I have always loved it. and now I am happyer than ever. I have been up and running in this Co. for about 7 years. I love the Great outdoors. Love doing what I want to and when i want to.....

    love being the boss.....

    i shule be aboe to retire totaly from the field in a few short years.
    I really hate that i didn't do it like you stated. NEVER look back.
    I would have been retired by now.....

    thanks for posting
  9. nismodude1988

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    I worked at a oil changing place when i was 18 till now im 24 me and my fiance kept throwing every dollar in our savings till we hit 100,000 dollars well since shes a waitress and i only make 8.50 after 3 years of buying selling cars we finally hit 30-40k i stayed at this job for a while so i can buy my first house which is where we live now well i started my business last year and im to the point i work 5 days a week 7:30-6pm so im limited and im getting non stop calls on estimates. Well as of right now im gonna have to quit my full time job and persue this and pray every thing works out. Got about 15 accounts and seem to be addibg some weekly but im still scared if i fail im screwed so im looking for a part time job so i have guaranteed money coming in. But i feel like its my time to not look back and just do it. Lol thats my lame story
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