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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brianj, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Brianj

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    i was thinking about selling my business and moving out of the big city.. to a small town somewhere in the south.. how hard is it to get business in small town being the new guy... here where i live lc's are a dime a dozen and i have never had to do much to get work.. would like to make 4000 a month is that fesible to make in a small town say no more then about 15,000 people in town. in florida i cut grass year round.. today it was 80 here.. what do u guys do to make money in the off months where it snows.... i just need to get out of the big city and raise my family in small town
  2. impactlandscaping

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    Check income levels in each area and county before you consider moving. Smaller towns aren't always better. If there is nothing industry -wise there for community support and employment, there will be no people with disposable incomes to hire you. You have to target a certain demographic to be successful no matter what you are selling. You could have the best lawn service in all of Florida, and move up to Fort White and starve to death..Do some serious homework...someone posted a website here not too long ago that lists details about each state / county, like # of people, avg. income, etc..good luck...
  3. LLandscaping

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    We live in Hayden,Alabama,we are about 25 miles north of Birmingham. Most yard are 1 acre or larger and most people in our area only want the grass cut twice a month and dont want to pay to have quality work done. This is quickly starting to change because there are many subdivisions rising up in our area. Their is also suppose to be in a sewer system being installed that will bring more subdivisions and commercial buildings. Right now we only cut a few properties in Hayden, we mainly work in the Birmingham area. I think that working in a small town is possible but only in the right area.
  4. JimLewis

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    Impact has given you some excellent advice! I agree with everything he said.

    If I were going to move to a smaller city, I probably wouldn't move to anything smaller than 50,000 people. And I'd want it to be a rich suburb of a larger city where much of the population has a lot of disposable income.
  5. the scaper

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    For any towns you are considering you could just contact their chamber of commerce to get statistical, and all kinds of other info.
  6. Brianj

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    hey guys thanks for the input.. if i do this it will probably be in the 2 to 3 yrs..
  7. TotalCareSolutions

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    This sounds interesting...what else can I find at the Chamber of Commerce?
  8. Doster's L & L

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    How small a town are you looking to move to? Like Jim said, i wouldnt move to too small a town. Right now im in a town that has a pop of about 6K people. I have the largest business here, but there is no way that i can make the money that i want to make unless all of the other lco's start dieing off. So i want to move to a LARGER city where there are lots of jobs available to support the services i want to provide. If you can locate a city that has a ton of growth, that should be a nice target for ya. For instance, if you locate a town that has only a pop of about 25K, but you see that they project a surge of growth of say.... 20% over the next year (5000 more people coming to town), then i think that should be a viable town to start up in.

    I dont know how often you're gonna find this scenario, but my point is, if you find a town that has alot of growth with good money coming in to those families, then you have a good shot to get your foot in the door. If anyone wants to add on to this, feel free.
  9. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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    I live in a small town, 20,000 in the town and basically 50,000 in the area just outside of town within 5 miles each direction. Just in my town, there about 15-20 LCOs, only about half of them are worth a crap and business was slow for me in my first year this past summer. Its the other half of the jerkwads who make it hard to get work when they undercut the hell out of the real competition who actually cares about doing great work. And my county is like mid-high 70s of the 83 in Michigan in terms of economics. Basically, most of the saps here are poor and want it done dirt cheap and could care less that are in business to make a profit. Cant even tell you how many $20-$30 bids on properties I got the strangest looks from like I was from Mars with my quote. Word of the mouth is still the best way to get work and if you do good work, that will come.
  10. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

    Davis Lawn Mowing LLC. LawnSite Member
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    Basically in my town, you are either well off or not. GM leaving Flint in the 90s took a HUGE amount of my county residents well being. Probably about 15-20% of the people in my city either worked for GM or a GM supplier. Once GM decided Flint was not worth a damn anymore, most people got boned here. And many, many of the factories right here in town have gone under in the last 4 years.

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