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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tdf, Nov 6, 2007.

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    I put this here so you guys would be sure to see it. I have a fert and squirt business and am still in the start up stage (2 years into) I am stuck at around 34 customer and have had a hard time staying focused on growing my business. Having to earn a living has meant doing other services that pull my focus and attention (fences, Lighting, etc..) I want my business to just be fert and squirt so I have decide to get my act together, re focus and start with a plan. My problem is the idea of it is overwhelming. My question is would anyone with a pretty successful business let me look at there biz plan as a sample while doing mine? Also how did you collect industry specific market info? Should I join a trade organization that would have this info? My goal is to own this business and have operators going out and spraying. My goal is to have an operation much like American's. Any insight would be great.

    Thanks TF
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    Spend about 20 percent for chemicals, 3 percent for fuel, 8 percent for sales and advertising, 40 percent for labor.

    In the growth stages -I would spend about 2 days per week on new sales--especially in spring. Offer a nice premium or discount for anybody who gives you a referral. Plan to hand out a few thousand brochures and knock on a few thousand doors.
    Make sure you get excellent results--Keep your quality and customer satisfaction above TruGreen.
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    door hangers and catching people outside has done pretty good for me, very up close and personal introduction to you and your expertise!

    if they are ex-tg/cl customers its even easier to gain new business
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    Thanks for the replies guys, but my question is specific to the business plan and how to find industry specific info about my market (not how to market)
    I do appreciate your willingness to help.

    thanks, TF
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