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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by accentlc, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. accentlc

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    Was it Charles that posted about this subject? Anyway, I was battling with this a couple of years ago and a friend who is a painter gave me an idea. I got some hearing protectors and put some walkman type head phones inside and I can listen to music, or books on tape or talk radio to help pass the time. It has helped alot.

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  2. Guido

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    happens in anything that you do. It becomes the norm and its not the exciting new thing that it used to be. You just have to change things up a little and refresh the things that made you like whatever it was you liked in the first place. The radio deal does put a new twist on cutting lawns if you haven't done it before. Its a lot better use for your brain than watching the grass spit out from your mower all day!
  3. Eric ELM

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    I use the hearing protectors with FM, which helps a lot. I tried the hearing protectors like you have, but the cord got hung up in trees a lot an jerked them off my head. :(

    I've even had these jerked off of my head a few times, but not nearly as bad.

    I try to break the bordum by trying to make my lawns stand out better. Anything to make the lines straighter and the stripes better.

    A short vacation sure helps too. I'm ready to get back to work after that. :)
  4. What do you guys need a radio for?

    I hear voices without a radio 24/7.

    Don't you?
  5. CSRA Landscaping

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    Lol @ Stone.
  6. Charles

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    My thread has been HIJACKED LOL. Oh well that okay maybe when you grow up you can come up with a new idea :)
    I found i did jobs slower when I listened to radio headphones.
    You could have said "I am bored with lawncare" Whatever
  7. dhicks

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    If the voices ever stop I'll be nutts. If you need a pick-me-up for boredom try the next Expo. It put the pep back in my step, the cut in my strut, the slide in my guide and even made my liver quiver. :laugh:
  8. danlawnser

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    I just bought an awesome little thing. It is called a hit clip. You may have seen it on tv. It is real small and it works pretty good. YOu buy it with a little single by a group but I bought a radio attachment. I really like it. If you have the big ear plug headset you put the little ear peice in your ear and hook the rest of it to the ear headset. It works good. I think it was about 20 dollars at best buy. Hope this helps

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