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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MGClay, Aug 24, 2005.

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    I have been trying to find a group that helps you start your business. Has anyone used a group or went to a great training class or seminar that you would highly recommend? One that gives you advice on the everything you will ever need. All that I have researched have promised you their system is the best ever. So it makes it hard to pick one over the other unless you have someone that has used the same company and would highly recommend it. Then there are company's that just offer their manuals, and/or Cd's.
    I know I can get a lot of information from the forum, but I want to jump start it now so I can be ready for spring time. Time is Money and I have so I don't have that much time for the computer lately and the cost of the different programs vary in money........So what' s the best program/class/seminar/other for you time and money?????
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    Well sir it really doesn't matter HOW or WHERE you learn, it is a matter of discipline where you need to sit down and GET with it.
    Now I could've taken various courses but it's all the same thing, either you WANT to learn or you don't and to be quite honest, I find first-hand knowledge I can find on the Internet for FREE as good if not better than the best college out there.
    Far as not having a lot of time, what does that mean? If you're going to school, it will be 6-12 months from now before you KNOW anything at all where if you are really short on time then you start reading and keep ON reading and you do that for 8-10, 12-16 hours/day and within 1-2 weeks you will likely know enough to get started, possibly sooner. Either way it is unlikely that you will have a successful business in any less than 2 years, the average is 2-5 and in my case it took 8 years.
    So if you are looking for THE place that can teach YOU how to run it, that does not exist. Regardless of where you go, you will find a plethora of information and crap which 90% of it will not work for you because what works for one of us may or may not work for another. Thus it becomes a matter of trying out various things to find out what works for you, and what does not... When you find something that works, hang on to it, and when it doesn't, move along.

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