Lawn Care Company for Sale // Macomb MI

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by brbsta, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. brbsta

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    Up for sale is the company, name, equipment, clients, web address (email ect.). In Washington/Shelby/Macomb Twp.

    16" Quality Trailer - Customized
    -Custom Blower Racks
    -Custom Edger/ Weedwacker Rack
    -Custom Front Box
    -LED Lights

    2005 Lazer Z 60"
    -Custom Ride Suspension Seat
    -Exmark Ultra Vac

    2003 Metro HP 48" (Floating Deck, Belt)
    -Exmark Bag
    -Jungle Jim's Sulky

    Stihl Weedwacker
    Stihl Edger
    Redmax Backpack Blower

    All the the equipment is in GREAT condition. Everything is washed every week. The oil is also changed every week.

    All the equipment retails for over $20,000.00

    Now I have over 20 accounts at a 30$ average. These are both residential and commerical. All of these accounts are only in a few key areas and has a huge potential for more accounts.

    I am also willing to work with the person for a set period of time to show everything.

    For all of the above I am asking $25000. With all the equipment and the areas of work this company has a huge potential. If interested you can call me at 586-566-5557.
  2. duelly44

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    would you be willing to sell me the stick edgers, trimmers and blowers? how much....are the accounts still for sale? im not too much interested in the machines but maybe we can talk if theyre still there
  3. JustinM010

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    Am wondering if you would be willing to sell the ultra vac seperately. Thanks
  4. keith_480231

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    Are all of these customers on a "yearly" contract or how does that work with your company? By the way why are you selling???

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