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    I live in west central florida and have operated a wholesale nursery for 20 years (400,000 sf of greenhouse, 50 acreas of land currently set up for outdoor plant production). Last year we decided to open and "outdoor" division to handle the incredible boom in housing in our area ( 20,000 new homes within 5 miles of our facility in the next 5 years). Our business model includes lawn maintenance, landscape installation, landscape nursery stock sales to existing landscape companies, garden center to handle "after market" sales and service to new home owners. We know a good amount as far as pricing for the nursery stock products and service but what i am having trouble with is pricing for lawn maintenance and landscape installation. I am currently estimating lawn maintenance ( mow, trim, blow) at $50hr. I am using that same price for landscape installation for the homeowner as well including plant bed weeding. Please comment on the price issue, as that is were my questions are. We have a couple of realy nice customers at that price, which was actually MORE than what thier previous guy was doing. Our philosophy is not to undercut anyone, but rather to offer a "one stop shop" for the customer. Please comment.

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