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    What typical maintnance is needed this includes weekly, monthly, yearly. For a viking Exmark 36" walk behind, a 21" honda, a 21" toro Proline, also a stihl edger, echo trimmer, stihl trimmer,stihl hand held blower,and an echo hand held blower? Also what things have made your mowers more efficient? Any advice is appreciated.
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    Change the oil and filter at regular intervals like the manual says and you should be fine. Also keep the air filter clean, blades sharp, and keep them greased. That is how to keep your machines in good shape and running strong. For your 2 cycle equipment basically keep filter clean and do what the manual says for a machines and you should be fine.
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    you might want to check for lose bolt & any keys or pen that need replaced to & check your exuast bolt each season. take the blower to the deck & motor to keep it clean. Cleaning a hot motor at the car wash will cause condensaion in a motor like a window fogs from the cold . Wipe grease zerts clean before adding grease . hope that help !

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