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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JT Garden Care, Dec 26, 1999.

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    I would appreciate any help/advise on Lawn Care (Feeding and Weed Control etc). <br>Lawn Care in the UK is not as popular as in the USA. It is hard to source machienary and fertilizers etc. If you know of websites in UK or have any information that you can offer I would appreciate it.<p>Thanks Jonathan
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    Jonathan, The only information on UK dealers I know of is listed on this site of manufacturers. I hope it helps you out.<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>
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    Sure do mate, lots of it.
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    UK, like to visit one day. Don't think I would want to drive there since you drive on the wrong side of the road. I bet the grass stays damp with the rain and no really warm tempatures to dry it out. I remember it being int the 80+ degree f range and they called it a heat wave. Always like to hear from UK and Australia. Keep the post coming.
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    I'm taking my son to Scotland very soon,to be baptized in my grandparent's old church. I will snapp a few pics of UK and Scottish landscapes.
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    Man I would love to go one day. Good for you, hope you enjoy the trip which I'm sure you will. Beautiful country......
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    Not so any more, it was 80 degrees F in the sun today. It was 97 degrees F this summer where I am, but I think it might have been slightly hotter elsewhere.

    As to water staying on the grass, it sure does, bit of a pain to collect the grass when its so wet. Its real muddy right now, gotta time it just right, if you leave it too long after a rain then it rains again, too little time after a rain and its mud time......
    Wet leaves arent fun either.....

    Bill, dont forget to pack your wet weather gear mate :)
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  10. tacoma200

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    97 f is not typical of the UK. The climate of the United Kingdom is mild relative to its latitude. The mildness is an effect of maritime influences, especially of the warm Gulf Stream. This current brings the prevailing south-westerly winds that moderate winter temperatures and bring the depressions which are the main day-to-day influence on the weather. The western side of the United Kingdom tends to be warmer than the eastern; the south is warmer than the north. The mean annual temperature is 6° C (43° F) in the far north of Scotland; 11° C (52° F) in the south-west of England. Winter temperatures rarely drop below -10° C (14° F), and summer temperatures rarely exceed 32° C (90° F). Summers in the hottest part of the UK wold be considered mild by U.S. standards.

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