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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JGroverCU, Dec 7, 2006.

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    I am new to the site. I am currently in the manufacturing industry, and I used to work in landscaping. I am interested in starting up a new business. I am in South Carolina. Can some of you chime in on what process I need to take to begin my business? I have the money saved up to begin and it should not be an issue, but my questions are in regards to licenses for chemicals and all. Any good websites to look at for a license or info on how to get one? I have not yet bought any equipment, but I do have the financials to make the business. Whay would be the steps to take to make sure I have sufficient knowledge in this area and head towrds business take-off?
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    Chemicals - check w/ your local chemical supplier (mine is Lesco) & they should know when the next applicator's test is to get you licensed. You will need to have insurance that lists you as an applicator first before taking the test.

    As for knowledge, there is an abundance of wisdom right before your very eyes. This website has a little bit of everything; from new beginners to guys that started 40 years ago. There is landscapers, arborists, applicators, & lawn care companies.
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    hello, and welcome to the site. One of the best places you will find the criteria information for chemical licensing will be your state dept.of agriculture's website. Better yet, there is a shortcut to get right where you need to go. Go to the fertilization and pesticide forum on this site, and up at the top, there is a "sticky". It is called Licensing in all states. Click on that, and go to your state. This will take you right where you need to go, I believe.

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