Lawn Care is a lot like golf

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by tfilbert, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. tfilbert

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    Lawn care can sometimes be a lot like golf. 99 bad hits all day and bang you hit the great one. Goes where you wanted and holds perfect. Got a call last week from a couple moving into a new home. Wanted an estimate to clean new house up. Called lady and gave price over phone with estimate in writing to follow. She called back next day with good questions: What do you do when it rains, do you cut every week even in dry weather, how do you change for additional work requested outside contract. Gave her the answers and got the job. It was getting tall and I pushed my schedule and plugged her in on Sunday afternoon. With their permission. They were very pleased with results and payed the first week in cash with a nice tip for working them in. Handed me signed contract. Neighbors were so happy I cleaned up grass I got on their drive they signed up to. Sometimes ya gotta love this job!
  2. MOW ED

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    Recently I have been playing alot in the rough. :p

    aug4 016.jpg
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    sounds like you were on in two on a par 5....

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    I feel your pain :p
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    thats the truest statement I have heard in a long time.

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