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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A CUT ABOVE, Feb 24, 2000.


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    Does anyone have any info on any correspondence classes offered for lawn care/landscaping?
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    If your interested in becoming a certified arborist, it is a correspondence course. You will have to attend the exam but it is a large organization and quite likely will have an exam in your local. If your interested go to<br><br> It is an excellent course regardless of your arboriculture background and is quite affordable as well.<br> Lance
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    The University of Georgia has a turfgrass program. You can take the class at home and the tests at a local university or testing center. Email me if you would like more details.<br>
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    I would like some info on those turf grass correspondence courses. My email is I was looking for this, being stationed overseas in the air force and all, this sounds great!! Thanks a lot if you can get back to me.<br><p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti
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    I would also like some more information on this. Please e-mail me at<br>thanks for the help dingo
  6. If you reaaly want to become an agronomist<br>some close cover b/4 striking school is not the best choice.<p>I recommend you take the winter short course<br>for golf course superintendents at Cook College (Rutgers Univ. New Brunswick NJ).<p>It's expensive but isn't anything in this world that is excellent. This way if you fail<br>operating your own lawn care business (most people do) you can always get a job as an<br>assistant golf course super at one of the<br>hundreds of yearly newly constructed courses.<p>Sorta like Caddyshack.
  7. jeffclc

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    Messages: 0<p>Penn State University is offering a credit certificate in Turfgrass Management through its WorldCampus. The classes are held online, and I think that you go to a local community college for the proctoring of the exams.
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    This forum is not the only place to get help. Sometimes your nearest competitors are your best source.<p>When I wanted to really learn more about the business 15 yrs ago, I made an appointment with the maintenance division mgr of the largest design-build-maintain contractor in town. Went in and just invited him & his wife to dinner at a fine restaurant. At dinner, wives talked about their interests, we talked about green industry. Next week he spent half a day with me, no charge, on my properties, and gave me a stack of info, including a course offered in a nearby county. This course opened up a whole world of info to me.<p>So remember, many of those nearby have the same feelings you do. It helps their business if the whole industry is perceived as more professional. The big guys like to see the small guys operating in a professional, intelligent manner, and then you can all compete on a higher level.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana

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