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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, May 4, 2011.

  1. Ijustwantausername

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    Hey guys/gals, this is the first post for me and its seemingly the most important one I will have. Let me just say this is an awesome site and I thank you for your ideas and input.

    I have been in the business about 5 years, which consists of lawn care, minor landscaping, foot massage, etc (just kidding about the foot massage :). I started it just as I entered Community College and grew it while attending a University. I graduated last May with a B.S. in Business Mgmt. I have started doing this full time with roughly 30 accounts, commercial and residential. I am a one man crew occasionally hiring a friend or two for really large jobs. Lately my phone has been ringing off the hook, 3-4 calls a day, thanks to my marketing late hours of the night at school when I should have been studying statistics.

    To make this short, let me just say that I am getting burnt out with it. The sneezing, the dust, the trimmer shooting rocks at my head, the bouncing almost completely off my zero turn seat from hidden holes in the yard, the flat tires, you get the picture. I am very fortunate that I have a job and that I am able to be my own boss. But seriously, is this the life of a lawn care guy? Some days I just want to quit. Is this normal for this industry? What struggles/hardships do you go through that drive you batty? Thanks.
  2. coreisntlife

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    it's not for everybody. if you're not happy where you are, you should always change. life's too short. not to mention there's guys out there that would love to take those properties off your hands if you weren't happy with them.

    with that said, in every job you will find days that just down right make you want to quit. think about your school for example, i know it sucked along the way, but look what youve got to show for it. if your phone is ringing so much, you appear to have a knack for marketing and can definitely make it in this biz with the right work ethic and attention to detail. decide if it's really for you.
  3. Hell on Blades

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    It is always hard to work for yourself. The old saying, " The self employed never gets a good night sleep." is not too far off.

    I'm in the same boat. I work full time at a "traditional" job and then have 25 residential properties to maintain every week (most are more than mowing). I started the season comfortably with 15 and every week more calls come in. It's easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees.

    Before throwing in the towel, look at the whole picture. Being your own boss is, aside from all the headaches, one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I really wouldn't change it.
  4. topsites

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    Maybe you're a little bit like me and you just don't know how good you got it.

    The things that drive me nuts are other drivers on the road, and certain customer mannerisms, but anyhow...
    I should just be glad I have a job, which, I am, for the most part.
  5. johnyredd99

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    its all in how you look at it. I Love my job. I make my own hours I do what I want. I drive in my truck sit on my mower and go as fast or slow as I choose. Out in the sun or rain for that matter all day doing what I love w/o some fat slob of a boss getting on me for any reason.
    or I hate my job. no matter where I sit im moving. driving the damn truck, back and forth back n forth on the loud mower...will i ever finish this yard? why cant these *holes pick up thier toys they know what day I come?....Now for the trimming..Oh what fun these people power washed thier brick patio, doesnt that sand washed into the grass feel great when it hits you? thanks alot *holes! Oh you cant pick up after your dogs? Cant speak english? Dont understand me when I tell you no i wont do it till you clean that crap up? how about I smash you in the face w/ it then you will understand.

    Its all on how you look at it. I'm blessed to be doing what I enjoy and being payed for it. even if I cant stand the customer I smile and take his money.
  6. Ijustwantausername

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    You're exactly right, at the end of the day it is good to be your own boss and decide whether or not you want to deal with the stupid mess. I guess its because I haven't had a "real" job yet so I don't know how good I've got it.

    Thanks for the input
  7. Smallaxe

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    Move away from the aspects you don't like and more of what you do like... Landscape design and maintenance is much more pleasant to me...
  8. Groomer

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    I thought the thread title was the name of a new magazine.
  9. BestImpressions99

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    WELL SAID Johnny Red.
  10. Big Jake

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    Why dont you make a plan to grow your business and add workers to run the equipment. If you really are getting 3/4 calls a day then it really shouldnt take too long.

    say, when you get to 60 lawns you hire a helper. When you get to 90 you add another. When you get to 120 you add another, promote the first guy you hired to be your crew leader and then you get off the mower and focus on growing your business.

    Those are only examples, maybe it will take more or less. Just like attaining your degree you did it in phases.

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