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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, May 4, 2011.


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    I will not. WILL NOT mow a lawn by myself. I would probably want to shoot myself at the end of the day. BOOOORING. With that said. There are some days I think how much better it would be without them. Continue to grow then you can just let a crew do most of the sweating and you can handle sales and accounting.
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    I'm new in this site and I just want to say that I read the 1st 20 post and I'm amazed how supporting this site is. I'm so glad I joined it.

    Back to topic, hang in there and quite a few people here made a lot of great points for advice. I have a cousin that's in sort of the same dilemma, except he went back to lawn care and started his business just 3 months ago. He just graduated last year with a BS in finance and was cumlaude in his class. He worked in NYC for less than a year and was laid off, he couldn't find a job for 3 months so he went back to his old job since high school, lawn care, then started out on his own. He loves what he's doing and has gotten 70 accounts already.
    The problem is, his parents spent so much money for his college (~$40,000 a year) and his mother is a bit upset because they've spent all that money for college and now he's doesn't want to make a career out of it. He loves what he's doing and I guess that's all that matters for him. So, think it through before you make your final decision.
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    Sounds like a smart kid,so what will she think if he ends up with a multi million dollar business, which is very possible, sounds like a good use of a degree to me.
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    That's what I've done this year because I absolutely hate trimming. Does cut into profit a little but at the end of the day its a lot better to have their help.
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    I have been in business for twenty years. I am the boss but the real boss is my clients that paids me to do their job.. If if wasn't for them you cannot be the boss. I have and sometimes still work by myself. It makes me realize how i started this business by myself. I now have two full times workers and we do 80 lawns a week. I do lawns i hate to do but they pay to good to not to do. I wear dust mask, goggles, straw hats, short pants and a business shirts. If you don't like doing this type of work you need to fine something that you like. God bless me for being a person friendly guy and thats why i have been doing this for a long time i love this job
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    momma always told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grow up and that no amount of money matters if you hate what you have to do to earn it. Figure out what you love to do and then find someone who will pay it to do it....
    people get paid to watch tv all day I get paid to cut grass they do what they love and I do what I

    And no its not just you dealing w/ morons.. i have found that people these days are dumb. talk dumb act dumb and drive dumb. but i have also found that they act even dumber when they get around a truck and trailer. I dont go to thier jobs and disrespect them and I wont have them come to mine and do the same. maybe they hate thier job
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    I've worked regular jobs in many fields and had my own business. There is no comparison to having your own business. Trust me. If it's not b.s. office politics, it's budget cuts, if you can't work the hours tough ****, if you need a day off sorry about your luck. If you need a new pencil, deal with it, if you just want to pee, forget it. It's worse now more than ever. Be ever so grateful, you are bumping along on that mower, at your own pace, starting when you want, eating when you want and billing what you can. :drinkup:
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    Amen to that!!
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    what? i mow every yard by myself lol...if you don't like it that much then this business isn't for you...i guess you can play boss man and hire people to do the work for you...i'd rather cut the yards over doing the sales and accounting any day....but i do it all lol
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    You're right, sometimes people don't realize how good they have it til its gone. Thanks for that perspective.

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