Lawn Care on a Bike

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grillnchilln, Feb 22, 2010.

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  2. albhb3

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    Email them and tell them this isnt india:laugh:
  3. mowingmachine

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    Too funny. I must admit that this brings back many memories. When I was a kid and before I had my drivers license I wanted to cut grass pretty bad. We lived 2 miles north of town and I had a trailer for the back of my bike too. It sucked real bad on the hot summer days but it was an effective way for a kid to transport a mower around from job to job.
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    The Weedeater Power Pro Series...

    Deluxe Professional Features Include:

    -3 wheel bike for balance and support
    -Custom flow wheel spokes, cards available on website
    -Bird poop defelction hood, double hinge for easy movement
    -ergonomic handle bars with comfort grip for those long hauls
    -weedeater anti-slip velcro stickies to hold in wacker
    -100,000 candle watt halogen head light to help you home after the bar
    -custom MTD mower seat with concave center for sack displacement
    -year supply of free 1/4 hot dogs at 7-eleven coupons
    -custom easy grip spiked pedals for hauling equipment in trailer or fat girls
    -Free 5 gal gas tank, spreader, and bingo number calling machine with purchase prior 03/10

    Did I forget anything?!?!
  5. 93Chevy

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    God bless them
  6. jgc8fan

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    I know a guy with the ghetto version of this setup (if you can imagine something more ghetto that is). He used an extantion ladder strapped to a handtruck to make a trailer, and he straps his mower and tools on top of it. I always see the guy dragging that contraption around behind his bike. It's rather hilrious, but when you think about it he came up with a pretty versatile unit. He has all his tools on board, and he even has an extenstion ladder and a hand truck if he needs them... Nothing wasted. LOL

    I can't say much myself though... I could easily be in a picture like this. I used to have an account that had no parking within 2 blocks of it, so the only solution was to buy the same trailer the guy in the picture is using, throw all my gear into it, and drag it to the site behind my ZTR. Probably looked pretty hilarious. I'm just glad I don't have that account anymore.
  7. johnnybravo8802

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    I think that was suppose to go in the thread about buying out someone's business.:laugh::laugh:That's why I stress to make sure you have contracts. I live in a small town where that's an everyday sight. I saw a man on a mower several years ago pulling a small trailer with only wire attaching the two. There was also a woman in the back of the trailer with a push mower and a trimmer. Here's the funny part:When he let out the clutch, the mower jumped, the trailer came loose, and went straight up in the air dumping out the woman into the middle of the intersection!!!!:laugh::laugh:I thought I was going to loose my lunch.
  8. jgc8fan

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    Just for the record that wasn't me. LOL My Z has a proper hitch for my little garden trailer, and I never had anyone riding in the thing. :laugh:
  9. Lawn Pawn

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    Well..... as William has this unit for sale....
    He maybe moved up in the world and could provide some stiff competition for others in his area.

    Cannot make sport of this guy without knowing his back-story.
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    wonder if he has a license to carry the RU in the spray bottle?

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