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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Landshapers, Jun 12, 2003.

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    Hello!!!!! My name is Chris i just started a lawn care and landscape company in medina, ohio. I have a basic idea of what the going rates are but i need a little more to assure my quotes are customer happy. I need to know what you guys would charge for an acre residential-mow, trim and blow off.? and if you have any other price lists or landscape pricing that would be helpful also. Thanks alot:dizzy:
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    Try a search on pricing... it is an over discussed topic on this board.... no reason to start another one.

    Best of luck with your endeavor.
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    hboyd_com is right, you will find pleanty of info through the search function.

    However, I work in Stow / Hudson and can tell you that most lawns are in the low to mid $30 range in our area. Obviously, the bigger the lawn the bigger the $$$.

    Remember, sometimes a smaller lawn will take longer than bigger ones. If there is a lot of landscaping and stuff to work around, you'll be praying for a big, open, flat piece of grass!!

    Good Luck!

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    Hello Been in Buss. In Cincinnati, Ohio for 2 years now, and I charge $60.00 for a Acre If theres alot of trimming More!!

    But for a Subdivision Lot it works like this Middle Lots $35.00 Corner Lots $40.00 That includes Mow, Trim, Blow, & Edge

    I Try to Always charge $50.00 Man Hour

    Hope this Helps :D
  5. Landshapers

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    Thank you all for your help this site is great!!!!! I really appreciate that!!!

    Thanks again, Chris

    Landshaper's Professional Lawn & Landscape Inc.:)

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