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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by frog, Jan 27, 2000.

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    I am starting a lawn care business, including mowing, edging, weed eating, etc. I have no idea on how to price the work. Is it per hour or does it depend on how large, or small the lawn would be. I am starting in resedential areas right now, but pricing methods for commercial areas would be helpful for the future. I just found this site today and am happy to get to talk to some people who have some helpful insights to this business! Thanks in advance for any response!<br>Frog
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    Hello, frog. Once you have read the older posts on this forum, you might have more specific questions. You might especially look at posts started by &quot;mattingly&quot;, who is in just your position.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN
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    I just wanted to add, to see all the discussions on this, click on back on your browser and go up to the top and go to Show Discussions: and set it to show all the discussions instead of for the past 10 days, which I think is default.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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