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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dsmrolla06, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. dsmrolla06

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    Im wanting to implement some lawn care programs and am looking for some advice.

    The programs i am thinking of are a Basic LawnCare Program, which will only include mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing. A LawnCare Plus Program which will include the basic along with spring and fall cleanups. And a Full Service LawnCare that will include the basic and plus along with the fert, weed control, maybe aeration..., and hedge trimming.

    These were my initial ideas for the programs and which services they will include however are open for suggestions.

    What i want to do is to have a regular monthly billing for all of the services, besides the fert and weed control, as thatll be subbed out. What i am worried about is how i should do the cost of the spring and fall cleanups. I was thinking of doing something like a down payment on those services that would be payed by the regular monthly bill and then have them pay the rest.

    Any advice on programs would be appreciated thanks
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    are you in Rowlett TX?
  3. BoothsLawnCare

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    What I do is have a monthly lawn care price (mow,edge,trim,blow) then if they want or will include pine straw/mulch, pruning, seeding, fertilizer, aerating, or what every figure up a price for everything for the year and divide by 12 thats your monthly price. but thats just me and you will have to keep flexible plans because some will want everything then some want everything but mulch and want to pay for that separate, so you will basically develop a monthly lawn care plan for each account. hope this helps
  4. dsmrolla06

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    No im not in TX, Im in Elkhart, IN.

    What i dont know how im going to do is the spring and fall cleanups, as i wont really know how long it will take until it becomes time to do them. Im wanting to be able to sign up customers in jan and feb, but the spring cleanup wont be til late march early april... The billing is going to be over 8 months, because i think when i customer is not getting any service, they will be forgetting about paying the bill.

    I want to have set programs also because i will be able to offer an incentive for it, say 5% off all services with Full Service Contract, and have as a way of upselling.
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    I checked your profile..............duh.

    your logo looks a lot like this company near me there name is A pro's edge.
  6. dsmrolla06

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    ive just recently changed the logo, had it professionaly designed. just dont have the software yet
  7. dsmrolla06

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    If any of you were to do set lawn care programs such as these, how would you do them? Looking for ideas on billing, services in each package, and advertisement.
  8. 2menandamower

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    What I do is just give a "best shot effort" at estimating (better known a guessing):rolleyes: Look at it this way, if you are looking at getting them signed up it would be better to take a little bit of a hit on the spring and fall cleanup than to not get their businss at all. If you see that you make a big mistake you can always adjust if the next contract year. Remember that if you do a good juob and then go up some on your price the next year then you will be more apt to keep that customer even with the increase. I estimate the total cost of most jobs based on 13 to 15 cents per SF for TOTAL Lawn care and about 7 cents per SF for basic mow, trim and blow service. You might try to find a company to hook up with that does the Chems and sub it all out to one company. I use Scott's Lawn care here where I live and he has given me a price per 1000 SF to use when I bid a job and then he gives me 10% off that. I pass this savings on to the customer since I will not be there during the apps and will not be using any Man hours on the service. Anyway that is how I do it. Good luck and feel fre to eamil me with any questions.

  9. dsmrolla06

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    For the chems, i am in the process of setting up an affiliation with a local fert guy thats been in business for about 20 years. That brings up another question however. What should be the terms and agreements between us? I will be advertising for fert and weed control with my programs and then using him to do the service. I do not want to include his services in my regular billing, as not to get stuck being a middlemand. That way if there is a nonpayment, i wont be stuck with it. What kind of compensation should i require from him for a finders fee. 5% of total cost, set cost per account or what?

    When you say you do 13-15 cents a sq ft of lawncare, do you mean that for the spring and fall cleanups? What services do you do for spring cleanups? Do you use any other methods or factors to do a spring and fall cleanup? Sorry for the questions. Also keep in mind i am doing these estimates a couple months in advance for the spring and about 8-9 months in advance for the fall cleanup.

    Thanks for all the input.
  10. LawnscapeMN

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    The only way I figured out how to bid the job is to basically learn from mistakes, and from big profits. After a few you will figure out the right amount of time and $$ it takes. Good Luck.

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