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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by newton1207, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Its basically just a rugged pocket pc. I haven't figured out the barcode scanning yet. Its supposed to scan into whatever dialog box you have open, but I haven't gotten that to work yet.

    Remember, you need qxmobile for it to work anyway. You won't need a route sheet if you use qxmobile. all services are on the mobile device. I use it mostly to keep track of time. The crew will click "start" when they arrive, and "stop" when done. When it syncs back up at the shop, it enters actual service times into qxpress. With that info alone, you can see if you are making money based on how much each employee is costing you, and any other info you have in qxpress.
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    That sounds sweet I'm new to qx this year but have used clip for
    13 years. We track every job. And I have the mobile. But the cell phone is so small. Is it fast to use?
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    You aren't going to break any speed records. It helps with field work. Keeps your phone battery from dying. I just haven't found a windows mobile phone that I liked. I am hoping they will go to android soon, but a rugged tablet is going to be hard to come by. A pocket pc is relatively cheap and the workabouts I bought are rugged and have a long battery life, so all in all, it works ok.
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    But don't qx need windows mobile 6 I cant find a tablet anywhere. I o Lu see them with mobile 6.5. They told
    Me they will have a app for iPhone soon but don't count on It
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    Yes, qxmobile requires windows mobile. My old Pocket pc runs windows mobile 5 and the workabouts have wm 6 and some have 6.5 pro.
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    I have used Lawnpro for years and love it. does everything i need. I just upgraded to Lawnpro4, seems a bit more difficult to use, but so is any software you're not use to.
    I am confident i will figure it out, just some things are not where they were in previous versions.
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    Any of you that are looking for business management software for your lawn care (or other Green Industry business), don't forget to check out Jobber!

    There was a post earlier in the thread about us being a good option if you're just doing scheduling, but we do so much more than that, and are constantly adding functionality too.

    Jobber provides fully integrated customer relationship management in a searchable form, with multi-property support, tagging, task management and more.

    Our work flow system makes it really easy to deal with Quoting and Invoicing, providing automatically generated follow-up reminders, direct-to-customer e-mailing of PDFs, and sensible status tracking.

    Job management and scheduling are obviously a top priority as well. Both map and grid based scheduling let you make smart and efficient decisions with all the available information.

    A growing list of add-on functionality let you custom tailor the software to your specific needs as well: time tracking, chemical application tracking, QuickBooks integration, web forms, ePayments, and more to come!

    Of course it's all hosted in the cloud, so you can access it from any computer or modern web enabled handheld device, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, any tablet and more, and multiple people can access the system all at once, without having to worry about synchronizing anything at the end of the day. Your data is secure, backed up automatically, and you constantly have acces to the latest and greatest features we've been working on.

    We pride ourselves on having created software that is easy to use, and doesn't require a lot of time to learn. We're constantly keeping that in mind as we improve on Jobber, and will very shortly be starting work on some user interface improvements that we think you'll like. We will also have some tutorial videos ready by the end of March.

    There's no commitment necessary to try it out — just sign up and have a poke around free for 30 days. If you like I would also be more than happy to personally provide a free online demo to help you get familiar with the software. Just send me an e-mail at to schedule something that works for both of us.

    We've put a lot of work into Jobber, and spend a tonne of time listening to our customers. We're growing fast and moving fast, and we really just want to help you to do the same. Give us a try and get in touch with me or with the Help Desk from inside the application if you have any questions.

    All of this information is available on the website as well, but it doesn't hurt to put it right in here as well. Jobber costs $29/month. You can add all of your employees to the system for scheduling at that price. If you would like your employees (or just a few key employees) to be able to log into the system as well in order to add and maintain information it's an additional $9/month per employee. Add-Ons are, and always will be, anywhere between Free and $5/month. This pricing allows our customers to custom fit the software to their needs, and ensures that you pay only for the features you need.

    All the best to all of you,
    Sam Pillar / President & Co-Founder of Jobber
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    Is it a TDS recon data collector?
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    I've been using LawnPro for 4 years, and when trying to upgrade to version 4 last year, I had the same problems- features not working properly, data corruption on importing from version 3, etc. Tried to contact Patrick via support ticket, email, and phone, twice in a 2 weeks period. No response.

    Tried again this year to upgrade after clean install. Not working. Again tried a service ticket, email, and phone call (his phone is now disconnected) with no response.

    I've filed a BBB complaint against 'Patrick Cash.Com, LLC' with the Central Alabama BBB. Looks like more than a doze3n others have done the same, and some have had success with refunds. If he doesn't refund, I'm going to small claims in Gadsden. (I have relatives very closeby)

    Warning: LawnPro USED to be decent, low priced LCO software. The new version is junk, yet it seems they are still taking money for it without any support.

    !!!!! DO NOT BUY LAWNPRO 4. !!!!!!

    Mr Cash, if you are reading this, people end up in prison for things like this- it's called Fraud. "Use of interstate commerce for purpose of fraud or deceit". Look it up. Make the software work and get your phone connected and do business like an honest individual, or refund everyone who has purchased this non-functional garbage. Simple as that.
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    been using clip for about 8 years and had LOTS of issues this year...never quite able to use their paperless route sheets/data collection from smartphone.
    -tried multiple times over last 3 years and their guys always have problems that they cannot solve
    -the paperless/smartphone application always had issues and not very user friendly-worked 70-80percent of time until this year...not worked since January--
    This year the program has become very buggy-
    --also, they want to charge more to store all the program online, so when there is an issue, they can look at it without having to remotly access your computer to solve the problem-
    -The basic scheduling program is very powerful, lots of great features
    -Tech support is always responsive...just not able to always fix problems...
    --the program is pretty easy to use most of the basic scheduling...this program made my life much easier for 200jobs per week, 3 crews--
    they just seem to be having issues getting things smoothed out this year-

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