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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MacLawnCo, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Long time no see - hope Im welcomed back.

    Anyways, Im putting this here as I want responses from the Chem-care guys specifically. Im looking to sign for a direct mail campaign with my rep tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has any real world, lawn care specific direct mail response ratios. I was thinking 1% response would be realistic but my rep thinks that is quite optimistic. Of course there is a good 'motivator' for my ad campaign but I was just putting a feeler out there to see if anyone has anything they care to share. If you dont want to share publicly, please send me an email. Thanks!
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    I had about a 1.2% closing on 5000 post cards I sent out last year. It more than paid for itself.

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    Make SURE they are going to use a quality list! Doesn't matter how good your mailpiece looks, if they are sent to the wrong people! I went off a referral for Cactus Mailing last year & it was a disaster! I got many returned because the people had moved-then I found out MOST went to the ghetto, trailer parks, apartments, etc! I specifically specified single family dwelling, home value above $175,000-LOT'S of money WASTED:hammerhead: Cactus Mailing said they didn't belive it. even though I had a few hundred postcards addressed to these type addresses returned to me. :confused:

    Sorry for the rant-I'd hate to see someone get screwed the way I did!

    Good luck with your campaign & find out how reliable the mailing list is:usflag:
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    Thats a good response!
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    Yes it has been a long time since I have seen you post. I missed your pretty picture.

    My own direct mail experience was so small and many years ago that I can not speak from experience. But I did research it some. 1% seems to be a good closing rate from what I know. Multiply mailing to the same market over a period of time I am also told become more effective. I assume it has to do with Name Branding or recognition.

    When I looked into direct mail I found several local mailing companies with Bulk rate postage meters. The one I was going to use was a one person Home office operation by a women who was very helpful. By printing the post cards to Post Office specs on one side she could address them with a special printer and mail them for less than I could buy the stamps for. The down side was I had to mail to everyone one on the selected postal route as per Postal rules. She would have to print the postcards in route order so no sorting had to be done. Still all in all the cost per contact was very reasonable. Just getting the addresses was a big savings. Of course she would not give out her address list or could I have used at a lower cost.

    Now it has been a few years but she told me catching the customer eye was all important when mailing. Large colorful print straight to the point was important. You are playing a numbers games and you want the best odds. You have to address the Main concerns of the customer to get a second look. I key words I was going to use was "GOT WEEDS CALL 555 ANTS (2687)" in large print and my company name etc in smaller print but taking up very little room on the card. Yes that is my business phone number or at least the last 4 digits. IMHO to put much more defeats the eye catching appeal. Making your pitch short and sweet gets your point across. Now by writing a short Novel here I am doing just the opposite of what I am suggesting to you, and many will skip over it because they don't care to spend the time reading it.

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    I read it ric i still love ya
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    1% is very optimistic but it depends on how you define a response. There are two rates to consider - the rate of people who ask for an estimate and the net close rate. We do a lot of mailings - .75% overall with a .40% net has been the average over the past 4 or 5 years. You definitely have to mail multiple times to get anywhere.
  8. MacLawnCo

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    sc, Im assuming from your name, you have a lawn dr franchise? Thanks for sharing the historical data - I do appreciate it.

    Im trying something unique this year and should be able to to make both my inquiry and closing rate nearly equal.

    Thanks for the info thus far and please keep it coming.

    My logic says this: instead of multiple mailings, would a single mailing and multiple door hangers with the same theme and message get the same message across???

    Ric, thanks for the warm welcome ;)
  9. sclawndr

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    Yes, I have a franchise but that doesn't really affect this question. There are just a number of factors that influence response rate - number of competitors, timing of piece, your specific offer, etc.

    So what are you doing that is so unique? Direct pricing is the only way to make the response a sale instead of a lead. That however doesn't necessarily increase the response rate though.

    Multiple methods are fine but if you're only doing one mailing, you better hope your timing is perfect.
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    It's been a while since I've been here and it's good to be back. Ric - it's great to see you are still here regulary sharing your wisdom as you have in the past. I'll be calling you soon, I'll have my lco up and running again next month.....

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