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  1. I have plenty of yards to cut, but once the grass dies
    I have a hard time getting work to keep me flowing. Is there any type of package you would reccomend? Also. what whould you reccomend that I could push during the season to make up the slack for the off season? Lastly, what would you reccomend for a yearly/seasonly contract?
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    Try and sell your customers on a 12 month plan. Use the total dollar amount of your annual cuts and divide by 12 to get their monthly payments. Some will do it and some will think it.s unecessary, it IS necessary for you to have an income during the off months. I put my customers on a 30 cut plan and bill them all 12 months.
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    I guess it would be safe to say that when the growing season finishes up, so does the irrigation work. Do you do installation? If so, one option you could do is set up sprinkler installation for the off season at a bit of a cheaper rate. All businesses offer cheaper rates to help their off seasons. i.e. hotels, etc. This would be great for customers who may be considering a systm, but are just a LITTLE hesitant because of the cost. This would even help make sales that you normally may not even make. Prearrange them for the off season, and line up as many as you can. Also, some tree, shrubbery, and cleanup work could be to your advantage. Be careful what you get into though. Don't take on anything too big that is not feasible for you to do with the equipment you have.
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    What do you mean "once the grass dies"? :eek:

    Either budget better, bill monthly as said above, or find other services to offer. Fertilizing and weed control are good high profit services you could offer if properly licensed.

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    I think he meant once the grass goes into dormancy. I never could figure out why why people sat "it's dead."

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