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lawn care


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what exactly is a business plan i have been in business since june and i dont have one, i have some ideas and goals but nothing on paper, is there somewhere i can find a model of one, i would also like to say i have been looking for a sight like this for a while and im glad i found this, lots of great stuff

Nilsson Associates

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I wrote a book on business planning for landscape companies. Here's a recap of the three sections of developing a Master Plan.<p>SALES PLAN (get the work)<p>. Service offering<br>. Competitive environment<br>. Selling technique<br>. Advertising<br>. Pricing<br>. Contract proposals<br>. Customer service/retention<p>PRODUCTION PLAN (do the work)<p>. Plant/facility<br>. Equipment<br>. Personnel<br>. Operating methods<br>. Quality control<br>. Work measurement<br>. Costing methods<p>MANAGEMENT PLAN (control outcomes)<p>. Business goals<br>. Accounting<br>. Taxation<br>. Evaluation of operations<br>. Regulations/legal<br>. Contingency plans<p>Business plans help you to visualize the business segments/departments and how each one is related to another. Over time, most folks would have to deal with each line item as shown above.<p>Nilsson Associates, Consultants<br>email Nilsson.Assoc@Snet.Net