Lawn contracts. Any good ones to use? Or just make one up?


Where can you find a good contract or wording for one? I made up something kind of nice. But should I have it printed for carbon copy invoices or would a good old inkjet print be ok with 2 copies? You give your customer a copy right? Here is what I have. I used to have a service here 03-05 in Port Charlotte. But hurricane Charley kind of messed us up bad. We moved back down 4 months ago and I have my equipment ready. I never used a contract before and had just a few problems. I put the alligator nesting there because I used to mow all the way to the water on one lot and had to trim 4 feet of drop off to the water. There were alligator nest. The more I have thought about it the less it's worth it.

Florida’s Suncoast Lawn Care
This is a monthly service contract between parties for lawn care maintenance. Services for this contract are as follows:
Today’s date:
Monthly service rate:
Service address:
Monthly service begins:
Monthly service ends:
Services provided:

Frequency of service:
Payment Due on the __________of each month.
Name of customer: _______________________________________.
Florida’s Suncoast Lawn Care reserves the right to cancel this contract under certain circumstances such as non-payment, irresponsible lawn management or obstuctions, and dangerous situations such as alligator nesting.
Customer signature:

Florida’s Suncoast Lawn Care
Stephen Phillippo as owner signature:
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