lawn customer who irrigates asks me to skip a week.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnsaspire, Jul 17, 2012.

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    So one of my five best lawn customers called me to say could I not mow for a while. I've mowed there lawn every week the last 4 yrs. since they regularly water their lawn. He said to come over today so he could pay me for last week since he was gone. When I went over there to get payed his lawn was growing well and looked to me as though I could mow it today justifiably. I wasn't going to put up much of an argument since he's one of my very best and has been very good to me, even giving me extra money for gas prices without me asking. It does bother me though that he wants me to skip while he's still watering, he said even the watering wasn't doing much good. Is this drought that bad that even customers who water could be mowed every other week. Anyways, I hope that after next week it will cool down and I can go on mowing weekly uncontested through fall.
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    Maybe he got his water bill and instead of saying I can't afford you this week because my water bill is through the roof he just made up an excuse. He may live in a great neighborhood and have fancy cars and he obviously has irrigation but neither you nor I know his financial circumstances and sometimes the people who look like they have the most actually have the least. Just a thought.
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    Let him know, in a nice way, that when you show up to mow the next time, it will likely be way overgrown. If it is, he will be charged a surcharge for overgrown conditions. The surcharge may equal the amount of the missed mowing, if conditions warrant such a charge.
    Y ou need to put a stop to this now, or it will become a situation where he wants to go 2 weeks between mowings and the place will be a jungle every time you show up.
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    Don't mess around with customers like that it isn't professional and he will lfind someone that will mow it when HE Wants it mowed.
  5. Roger

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    "... surcharge for overgrown conditions..." in the middle of a drought...? Really? Surely you jest.
  6. Why isn't it professional? So he should mow overgrown grass at the same price??? Sorry, no. Do as mowing man said and square this away now, or it will be a problem in the future. If it doesn't need to be cut, even with irrigation, sure, skip it. If it needs to be cut now, it will surely look like hell in another week.
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    I may just be a pessimist, but he may be test driving another lco to see how their service is. Check by in a few days and see if it has been serviced and you will know. The "come by and get the payment for the last service" gives me a bad vibe that it may be the real last service, but who knows. Clearly you have been providing a great service and he may be having financial trouble or other issues that he may feel uncomfortable discussing. Even if he stops having you service his lawn, I would send him a card thanking him for being a great customer and hoping him all the best. That way if things turn out like they usually do, you will be back in the sadle. If his lawn is cut(i.e. he has hired another provider) you can put in that you would be happy to have him as a customer again. That leaves the door open with no hard feelings.
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    I'm taking the middle ground on this one. I think this time I'll let it pass. Like I said before he's one of my best customers and this isn't his usual way. I don't really want to force the issue and piss him off and risk losing a customer in this drought. I've already shed the cutomers I didn't want this year. I mowed it about 4 inches last Thursday and it will easily need mowed again this Thursday. Maybe I'll wait till next week and if does this again I'll tell him I can't go more than a week without charging more since he's irrigating it.
  9. lawnsaspire

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    I'm just a little gun shy b/c I've already lost/let go people several people this year who I wasn't charging enough for and they were asking me to go two or three weeks between cuts back in May. I told them I wouldn't do it and they either fired me or I fired them. I still have 52 lawns but I don't want to lose any of those as this is my families main source of income and wife is a stay at home mom.
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    Once they get a taste of "skipping a week", they want to do it more and more.

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