lawn customer who irrigates asks me to skip a week.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnsaspire, Jul 17, 2012.

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    thanks senior member. If you live in Illinois, you know what I'm going through. I kind of tended to go with your line of thinking in the first place. His last words to me today were "hopefully we'll get some rain." If it was a crappy customer I would assume he was just trying to get two cuts for the price of one, but as I said he's good to me and even gave me extra money per cut when gas was so much higher earlier in the season, even though I didn't ask him to.
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    Fact is, if the lawn is a cool-season grass like fescue, it isn't going to grow as quickly in 100+ temps as it is in April, no matter how good a job of irrigating is being done. Don't make a big deal of it. Skip and see how it works out next week. I'm guessing it won't be as difficult to mow as you think.

    Ultimately, the customer has the final say. We can posture all we want to, but to me, it often isn't worth it. I had an elderly customer who insisted on going bi-weekly early this spring. Nice home, affluent neighborhood, lush lawn that had obviously been fertilized prior to his buying it last fall. I told him it wouldn't work, and convinced him to stay on a weekly schedule until growth started slowing. The next week I show up to mow, and he stops me, saying he wants to go to EOW. Two days shy of two weeks, he calls me up saying his lawn looks like it needs baled. I told him it would be two days, or perhaps 3 (regular day to cut) before I could get to it, per his instructions to go to EOW. He asked if he should just get someone else, I told him yes, and that was it.

    Today, I mowed a property that I would not have mowed if it had been strictly my decision. Place is on a hill, thin soil, limestone actually protruding from the ground in several places. Dries out more quickly than any other account I have. Normally, we mow it EOW, but it had been a full month, and the owner, a retired Air Force colonel emailed and said he couldn't stand looking at it any more, even if it was too dry, mow it anyway. I was cutting off, at the maximum, maybe 1/2 inch of growth, and a longer weed maybe maybe sticking up in every 500 square foot lf lawn or so.
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    I do not force mowing service on anyone.

    Monthly contract work is done weekly as needed, been alot of string trimming and blowing leaves latley.
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    Yes our means of doing biz is different, but no one right answer fortunately.
    I personally want to check ALL the lawns I mow myself, and call my own shots. People want me to maintain their lawn, I don't need them calling me I know what I am doing. Plus some folks may just take a liking to calling you and telling you 'just skip me this week' even when the lawn needs cut. I had that problem couple years back. No more.
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    the trick is, if they call and cancel when it needs it, the next will be a larger charge b/c I will have to do extra work to make it look nice, like bagging or double cutting. I charge extra to bag or double cut.

    so they are more than welcome to cancel when it needs it and pay me extra the following week. or for the ones who don't wanna call and just expect me to know then they either pay me a $5 fuel fee for driving out or I'll just cut it.

    I'm not gonna spend my time and money driving my routes only to skip them b/c they don't need cut. I have accounts I haven't been to for a over a month now b/c we are in a drought and they called a couple weeks in a row to cancel and finally said they would call me when it next needs it.

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