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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ACA L&L, Mar 10, 2008.

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    We contacted all of our weekly customers last week to make sure they watered their lawn at least once before we came out to do the aeration. I spoke with customer "A" last night (sunday) he has my home phone number, lives around the corner. He has been a customer for over 5 years now. He paid $23.00 until last season when we raised him to $26.00 per mow. We kept him at $23 because he was in the entrance of this subdivision. We have almost 20 lawns in here alone. Anyway he calls me and says do i have a price sheet for this year? WTF why would he ask that he knows we give him graet deals on everything. He knows we charge $32 per cut, So i say no the price is still the same as it was last year. He says ok when can u come out and get the aeration done (he gets $25 off that as well), we set it up for Tues. in the am.

    I get a call at 830 this mornin,(the next day) he says hes going with a new "guy" in the neigborhood so he can keep an eye on his house when hes not around? This customer gave us compliments constatntly, his lawn was perfect!

    Not to mention when he wanted something done we jumped, as we do with all of our customers. I tell him ok good luck, thanks for the bizness, oh before i let ya go what is this "guy " charging ya..............$20 a week!! I said wow i hope he has insurance and workers comp......he says no he just does it on the side if ya like ill show his flyer when your next door at Customer b. house on tuesday!

    We have a high customer retention rate, we do great work and charge accordingly, this guy has no idea the time we put into his lawn with the fert/mowing/sprinkler adjustment/edging/ He will be surprised by this guy who if its the one im thinkin of does not know what is going on at all. So much for giving him a discount.

    customers come and go but in less than 12 hours. This one is hard to figure out.

    I wonder what happened between nterupting me at dinner on a sunday and breakfast on Monday. We will never know?
  2. StoneDevil

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    at $20 i doubt his lawn will look like anything u did for him
  3. Scagguy

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    Your customer will learn the lesson that cheap prices = scrub doesn't know what he's doing. He'll be calling you in a few weeks to take him back.
  4. Lawn-Sharks

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    I would tell him you would like to see that other guys flyer! and check to see if that other "guy" is sucks to lose customer to another lawn company. But it BULLSH#T when you lose a customer to some one who's not legit. we are all going to be a lowballer at some point in time because someone will always be doing it for more that you but i cant stand it when i lose work to some one that hasn't gone throu all the steps to make their businesses legit like ours!... Does anyone know who to call to get these guys in trouble
  5. CJMLS

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    This is the type of customer you don't want anyway. He sounds like the kind of guy that just wants it cut and doesn't care how it looks. Sounds to me he was checking your price sunday and already had this guys rates but hesitated to pull the trigger and switch. He mowed it over (pun intended), made his decision and called you back.
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    I had something similiar happen to me last year, and when the customer called me to take over her lawn again I told her I was full. She said that I mow right next door (which I do) and I told her she is more than welcome to watch me.My point is I will never take back a customer that does not respect or appreciate what they have.
  7. IN2MOWN

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    I went to Little Ceasers pizza the other night because they only charged $5.00 for a large one topping compared to 4 other places that wanted $15.00...

    Tastes the same to me...
  8. lawnwizards

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    dont come back here griping when you get lowballed.
  9. Ooomwizard

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    He has no tongue.... LOL:hammerhead:
  10. IN2MOWN

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    First of all I would not whine about it.

    Its happened to me before. It will happen to me again.

    Thats life and thats business.

    You guys need to understand that everytime you go shopping for something you look for the best deal. Try and save money. Why is ok for you to do it but not other people?

    Get over it and move on.

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