Lawn cutting gross income verse payroll?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NCL, May 7, 2005.

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    I have a question to you guys running lawn cutting crews without you as a worker on the crew. What is a good percentage of gross money coming in per week from your lawn cutting customers verse what you are paying out in payroll for the week. Say your gross income from cutting was $2000.00 and your payroll was $1000.00 to complete the cutting for the week, is this good, fair, poor? Just wondering do not need specific dollars, just what is a good Percentage ratio is. Thanks.
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    We are averaging right around $3000 a week in mowing for a 40 hour week. That being said, I am paying out those 40 hours around $800 to my 2 guys. The $800 does not include ANY of my other expenses. After all my other expenses I might only make about $1500 if I'm lucky. We only mow 36 weeks a year. The majority of my money comes from aerating, mulch, pinestraw, and landscaping. Mowing keeps my guys busy when the other things are slow.
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    Good Question. I've often wondered that myself.

    We average about $3500 per week gross. That's a 3 man crew and myself. I pay each of them $9 an hour. An average weekly payroll for me would be in the $1100-1200 range. ($220-$250 a day)

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