Lawn decoration ideas.

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    If you take a piece of 3/4" plywood and cut it 3' wide and round the top, you can paint a picture of a big fat lady bending over and plant flowers around it. Always a big hit in upscale neighborhoods. LOLOL

    Or you can do what this hooked up dude we worked for did. A 9' statue of a naked woman hand carved in marble. There was a basin around where she stood, and mounted on her crotch, back arched, breasts exposed, you would plug her in and she pumped water out of the breasts.

    I would only hate to see the bill for this ungodly device which was the focal point of the entrance courtyard.

    Seriously now, others have some pretty good ideas.
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    Around here there's some really nice finished granite garden items - benches, water features, and simple stone shapes (BIG stone spheres with nice veining): check an upscale stone shop (usually do custom counters, etc too), or an upscale retail nursery. You can find "understated yet original" that generally won't offend even the purists.
    We're also very big on the "random" mossy boulder, but they're a major, inescapable part of landscaping around here! (dynamite?)

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