Lawn Defecient in Potassium

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by firerobz, Sep 6, 2007.

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    If a soil test is done the lab should tell how much of what to apply. Maybe this will be helpful. Meal 3-2-2
    Scroll down here to 'Soil deficiency' and look under Potassium for what is recommended. Alfalfa meal is not recommended.

    This site says that New Jersey Greensand is 4% potassium.

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    Let's see, Greensand is 4% P, Alfalfa 2% P. Never seen greensand at the local feedmill, fertilizer wholesaler etc, although can't say I was looking for it either.

    Alfalfa pellets are CHEAP @ about $6.00 per 50lb, I can buy down the street and if you have ever used would know what beautiful turf results from its use. You can try to get scientific about this whole thing but I have found by simply using Organics and a little forethought, leaving the clippings and using good cultural practices that nature takes care of the details. Frankly I could give a rats azz about your sites recommendation. Grass is really easy to grow , it really is.
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    Dishboy, there is no need to be rude. Your opinion isn't what's important here, but helping to answer questions of folks who want to learn is. I was answering Greenjeans question and not addressing you. I always show links to sites where I get my info. I should have put his question in quotes so you wouldn't think my response was for you. Alfalfa also contains nitrogen which wasn't required for the OP, but you probably already know that.

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    Depending on where you get your SOP, it is an acceptable source of organic K. Not all SOP is consiidered organic or is approved by OMRI
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    I find in cases like these is is very helpful to determine why the deficiency is occurring if possible.

    For example, if you determined that low K is due to your parent material, then perhaps greensand would be the better choice. Greensand is also used as a water filtration media, so you can usually find it at places that sell filtration media.

    If you determine that it is a temporary deficiency due to management issues, then one of the other options may be more appropriate.

    You can check your parent material here, assuming your not sitting on top of non-indigenous backfill.

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