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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rclark1187, Jan 23, 2003.

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    In 2001 I had a pretty nice 2 1/2 acre fescue lawn. Moles were a problem but were controlled with juicy fruit chewing gum. The drought was long and hard in 2002. Moles were everywhere and I could not make a dent in them.

    I had a grass come up that was very dense and spread rapidly, choking out most of the fescue. My local golf course greenskeeper called it Johnson grass and said the only way to kill it was with roundup.

    At any rate, the johnson grass pretty well took over the lawn. Patches of it everywhere. It also went dormant in the fall. When it went dormant I noticed that the bare ground looked like it was dug up. When the fall rain came I discovered that I had grubs everywhere. They would even work their way up on the concrete porch and leave their slimey trails everywhere before they died.

    I have talked to just about everyone in my local area and do not put much faith in what I have found out. I live in a rural area.

    I would like to get rid of the grubs, johnson grass (or whatever it is) and moles. I would like to know if I should stay with fescue or change to another type of grass. As we have a lot of flower beds and gardens, I would like to stay away from aggressive running grasses like bemurda and such.

    Could anyone please shed a little light on this disaster?
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    my first question is what zone are you located in?

    After that maybe we can work on the grass issue. THe moles, I have heard the tobassco(I think I spelled that correctly) works.

    There are many products out there that take care of the grub and insects. If the lawn reaches the point where it is horriblely lost, maybe consider renovation.
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    Tiedeman..where about in michigan are ya?
  4. bob

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    You must get rid of the mole's food supply(grubs) first. I heard that ,that Juicy Fruit gum idea was a myth. Sorry, I never hear of Johnson grass.
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    Are you in the green industry?

    If it is johnson grass you have there, are herbicides that will take care of it. It can be tough if you don't do it just right and you must get it early.

    As for the moles you did not have them controled I am sorry to say, the jucy fruit might take a few out I have seen it HELP but not control. Get rid of the grubs and the moles will leave no food no moles.

    If you are a home owner this is wrong forum. if you are a pro and not licensed you are out of your league if this is a clients lawn.

    If it is your lawn and you are a grass cutter then for your aera call your extension agent he will come out to your place and tell you EXACTLY what will be best.

    "slimey trails" grubs or slugs or snails?

    I know I am vague but need more info.
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    getting rid of grubs will not get rid of moles. i have had great success with putting broken glass in the tunnels, they are unable to clot their blood and will bleed to death. moles eat more than grubs including earth worms. first find what species your dealing with, then change the environment in which they thrive.
  7. Threeponys

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    they eat glass? (I'm serious! glass, how?, why?)
  8. Kent Lawns

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    The majority of Moles' diet is earthworms.
  9. Fireman D

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    Spraying your lawn with Liquid 7 dust will get rid of the grubs. They will start popping up out of the ground. All you will need to do then is clean them up (for apperance). As for the moles, Jerry Baker say's to mix:

    2 tbsp. of tobasco sauce
    1 tsp. Chili powder
    1 tbsp. of liquid dish soap
    1 qt. of water

    just pour into one of the tunnels and they will run away.

    Don't really know if it work's but it is worth a try and you probably aready have these items in the kitchen.
  10. 1stclasslawns

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    Earthworms are a desired presence we all know the good they do. However a side effect of grub control is also the killing off of a majority of earthworms. So as to not alarm folks telling them "I'll kill all the earthworms and the moles will leave" That would go go over like a fart at a funeral. But if you say Lets get rid of the grubs they will go for that.

    We know it is important to educate the customer but somtimes it might not be as good. Its all in the perspective.


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