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Discussion in 'Franchising' started by igtgame, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. igtgame

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    ok well i havwe been wanted to open a lawn spray business like a lawn doctor-i am great with marketing and chemicals and i am ready to build and grow-I am negoitiating with a man selling his franchise branch for 50,000-i get his van, computer, printer, permagreen ride on and lawn doctor truck-also 135 costumers-with a 7,000 a month revenue-is this a good deal-we live in central florida-my fear is he use to have 300 costumers-i wonder if his loss has gained the name a bad reputation-but he did admit to not pushing it like he shoulda been which blows me away but regardless what do you guys think
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    Would probably work. Remember you have a lot less freedom with a franchise. They may insist you use their "Turf Tamer" machine, or at least buy one. (Fair amount of maintenance involved--belts, lubrication, cleaning). And they take their franchise fees. And you have to use their marketing materials. They may pressure you to buy from their suppliers. What terrritory does it cover? Make sure you have at least 4 or 5 zip codes. You probably have to go to "Lawn Doctor School" (probably at your own expense). Look at the deal carefully--sometimes they exaggerate the amount of help they will give you.
    Check the law. Ric said that Florida takes a dim view of carrying chemicals in a van where the fumes can enter the passenger compartment. Rightly so.

    I hope it works for you, in Seminole. Let us know.
  3. mow2nd

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    How many apps do you do in Florida per year? Man he must be getting over $100 per application? Just seems weird to me.
  4. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    300 customers when you buy doesn't mean you will keep them. Can be so many restrictions when belonging to a franchise and, like said before, you don't always get much in return. It may cost you a thousand or two, but I'd have a CPA and business attorney look this over before signing on the line. Better safe than sorry!!
  5. Az Gardener

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    Most franchisers have final say in who buys their franchise either from them or in a resale situation. They want to be sure you have the financial resources to stay in the game if you hit a rough patch. They also want to know that you are the type of person who will follow their protocol /systems and not go independent and potentially sabotage their franchise. Bad press from one store reflects badly on the whole franchise.

    Every franchise is different just be sure to check with the mother ship before you buy a franchise second hand.
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    does not sound like a good deal to me, i smell tuna
  7. igtgame

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    oops my number of costumers was wrong but the company as a whole is doing good-he is giving me a van with it all set up and yes he has the permagreen lawn doc fertilizer he is given me-the franchise takes 10% a month-i am scheduled to go to there corporate headquarters for two weeks for training then i am expected to take over january 23-its not costing me a dime to take the class and they are putting me up in a hotel-At first glance though this guy seems like he was in it to lose money-only a few under 200 costumers and he leased a building and hired a tech-like how much profit can he be making ya know-i could do it right out of my home with ni help for a while-the van he has is lawn doctor approved and he leased from them so i know its up to code-any other advice would be greatly appreciated-do you guys think its worth 50k though? what would you offer him
  8. KeystoneLawn&Landscaping

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    How old are you?
  9. CkLandscapingOrlando

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    You might want to view the properties if possible. That might tell you why he lost so much work. Or it will tellyou that he has some solid work that you could likely retain if your quality is the same or better
  10. UpNorth

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    I was part of a franchise for years. However probably unlike you i knew NOTHING about lawn care. I went from the tourism industry to lawn care. The franchise really helped me learn the business. However, now that I am no longer with the franchise, it's much better. The reason being is, if you know how to apply, you know where to get the product, and more importantly how to get the customers, why give LD 10% a month!! It's true they are in the top 3 most known lawn care companies, but the question is... is that name getting you at LEAST 10% more revenue a month than if you were on your own?

    Take for example simple numbers...

    Avg annual revenue per customer at: $400 You said something along the lines of 200 customers. So annual revenue for 200 customers is $80,000 LD will take $8,000. So do you think the name "LAWN DOCTOR" alone gets you an extra 20 lawns a year? If you were on your own, you would only need 180 lawns to make the same as money with 200 under the LD franchise.

    Also, are you sure it is only 10% a month? Or do they want an initial franchise fee? That is normally required.

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