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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RippinV, Mar 11, 2002.

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    OK, here is my deal, I bought a new home last year and the contractor left me a rock farm that had me digging and disposing of bolders all summer. On top of that he loaded the land up with hydro shade mix and a weed content likely around 50%. I spend the entire summer growing weeds, grass, and tons of crab grass. My buddy overseeded in the fall (Oct 1st) with sun/shade mix and I put down ~1000 lbs of lime (my soil is very acidic and the soil test claims I need ~2000lbs). I also put down the Scotts winterizer furtilizer about 60 days after the overseeding. I was planning on raking all the dead stuff out this comign weekend and then airrating. I was then going to put down another 500lbs of lime and add on the Scotts Turfbuilder with Haltz crab preventer.

    So, does this sound like the right plan? Should I use Lesco instead of Scotts? Any other thoughts??? I really want a full lawn this year.

    OH, BTW, I am in Southern Connecticut.

    thanks in advance for your help.
  2. JJOHN22042

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    I would get rid of the Weeds. I have used Scotts and Lesco the Lesco seems to be Much better. But don't buy the Lesco junk at Home Depot go to a Lesco Dealer.One other thought Lesco is Cheaper than Scott.

    Good Luck
  3. Russo

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    I agree, Lesco has the good stuff. Ask about Barracade or other products that prevent a wide range of weeds as well as crabgrass. Your plan sounds good, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't come around perfectly in one season. If your not gonna tear it all up and put down sod, you won't get an " instant lawn". Hang in there.
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    If you feel that the weed seed content of the mixture the builder put down was around 50% then the guy used a contractor's mix. Contractor's mix has a lot of noxious weed seeds in it. Noxious weeds are EXTREMELY hard to control, unless you use a non-selective herbicide which will kill everything. What is the compaction like with the lawn? What did you use to move the boulders around? I would suggest that if you have any trees on the property that you want to save that you call up an experienced arborist immediatley! otherwise if you are going to be in the house for any length of time over 5 years you will be cutting down construction damaged trees. It really does sound as though you are going to have a severe compaction problem there. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you seed in the spring that the turf does not reach full cover as fast as it would in the fall. Crabgrass can be kept in check by keeping the lawn tall so as to shade out the seeds that get spread around. Crabgrass needs a lot of sunlight to germinate. These are all things to keep in mind.
  5. RippinV

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    Lots of the boulders and rocks were moved with a back-hoe and wheelbarrow, so I wouldn't be surprised if I had some compaction problems around. I will have to check into that.

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