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Lawn Doctor Spraying Lawn its 28 degrees

Lawn Tek

LawnSite Senior Member
u s a
Yep , was passing through a ritzy place today it was 28 degrees out and saw those trained professionals Lawn Doctor applying dry fert and spraying the lawn at the same time . Meanwhile another trained professional of thiers was walking around spraying out of a back pack . I suppose that applying liquid
chemicals at that temperature is somehow benificial . And we wonder how the pesticide industry gets a bad name .


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
I guess in hopes that'll warm back up. Believe it or not, the weeds WOULD still be uptaking, if the temps come up a bit, but v e r y slowly. If that fround just goes ahead and freezes up now though, even that dry fert will be worthless until spring. And then, what is that? Just a quick shot of quick release N that is counter-beneficial to the turf.