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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by balmd, Dec 5, 2005.

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    If you have the money to even consider that franchise, than you can afford to start out part time on the side while phasing out your current job. I'll bet most of the people on this site started out part time.
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    Thing is, there is an existing franchise, close to home, with great cash flow, existing managment. Established for 16 years. It looks like a great opportunity. I would love to do a start-up, but it will take me years to get to this profit level.
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    A franchise does not give you a automatic customer base. It only gives you a name brand and advise on how to market. You still have to build a client list. The Salesman selling you the Franchise will tell you any thing and the Guy he refers you to get a perk for telling you what they want you to hear. These People are asking for around $ 100,000 of your money to get you started and then they will continue to take a percentage off the top for the rest of your business life. Doesn't matter if you break even or not they get a percentage of every job.

    If you are trying to do a full time job and start a business also, You might not be too successful. You only get out what you put into any thing.

    If you need a ready made business then look into buying out a up and running business and not a start up franchise route.

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    buy a pizza shop if u dont want to work the new job
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    the feature article in this months Lawn&Landscape Magazine ---"Is Franchising Right for You?
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    They will not let you have any other business ventures in your own name while you own Lawn Doctor.It is a classy organization thats for sure.I checked into it back in 2000.With all the fees and rules you need to follow why not just invest your money in yourself?I did and I am so glad that it work out this way.I am NOT trying to bash them in anyway.I just thought spending all that money I could do better things with it on my own.
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    Not trying to say anything negative toward the Lawn Doctor Franchise but if I were you...I would start your own business, I think if you have half a brain-lawncare is fairly easy to get into....the sky is the limit for customers...just don't be afraid to spend money on advertising and you really can't go wrong.

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