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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by sfb911, Jul 7, 2010.

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    It looks like despite my efforts in the fall and spring my lawn is dying. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is.

    Just to provide some background, back in the fall I did some de-thatching and a bit of overseeding. In the early spring I did a bit more overseeding and some fertilizer (starter fertilizer) about 8 later (first week of June) I put down some additional fertilizer with weed control, throughout it all I've been decent about watering but not perfect by any means.

    About two weeks ago I noticed what looked like a small brown area in the middle of the yard, now it seems to be almost everywhere and growing rapidly. Not too sure what to do next, it seems early for grubs so maybe this is something else...suggestions? thoughts? tears? ;p


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    Get down on your knees and pray, just kidding, look very closely at the base of the grass blades and look for chinch bugs, black white stripped very small critters. They suck the juice out of lawns and like the hot dry weather. If you see a bunch, spray with insecticide labeled for that.
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    Even the weeds look weak. It has been really hot lately--and the east coast has been under a drought situation. It looks like the grass is doing better in the shade and on the north side of the house, if so--that is a sign of drought damage. Try the screwdriver test. Thrust a screwdriver into the soil. Four inches deep=too wet. 3 inches =good moisture. 2 inches=too dry. 1 inch=very dry.

    There is a chance that the seed (whatever mixture you planted) came up mostly ryegrass, not the best choice for a hot climate. Consider Rebel IV one of the better and more heat tolerant tall fescue cultivars.
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    thats a great pic to illustate the problem- i say riggle is 100% acurate

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