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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by HartselleLawnEnforcement, May 17, 2011.

  1. HartselleLawnEnforcement

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    Thought these stripes were pretty cool, even though they're not as great as most. Haha!


  2. HartselleLawnEnforcement

    HartselleLawnEnforcement LawnSite Member
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    Just an update for those who care, haha.

    We decided to change the name of the business from Lawn Enforcement to North Alabama Lawn Care... so now to get new shirts, business cards, blah blah blah.

    Check out the new logo and tell me what you think!
    I figured it was an improvement from the old name/logo... looks more professional to me.


  3. srl28

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    Logo looks good but let me say this,

    a while back I was looking to redo our logo and a friend had turned me onto an online logo design site where numerous designers "compete" to win your approval of a logo they designed. I got about 200 different logos back from various different designers and about 20 or so at least looked just like that with the same leaf and all in it. Maybe wise to pick something else that is 100% custom and not a "template" so to speak so that no one else has the same or similar logo as you. Just saying. Does look good though.
  4. HartselleLawnEnforcement

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    Well darn, I was afraid of that. Hmm, I may just keep it and deal with it. The other guys around here are either huge companies with a nice custom logo or don't have a logo at all. Its simple but professional. I hate logos anyway, so I REALLY don't want to go back and try to make another! :)

    Thanks for the input! It's great to have a place to get critiqued.
  5. Aaronnc

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    Similar to what srl28 is saying, there is
    Great site. It is free to post what you want, and how much your willing to pay (if any) and the kids or whoever will come to you with designs. Great site for artwork, creative stuff etc.......

    Also, just adding some blocks or a leveling kit could help your truck if you don't want to invest a ton of coin into it. Airbags and/or a weight distribution hitch with the torsion bars would be the ultimate way to go, but that will set you back. You could look into something like readylift blocks for around a buck fifty

    And about a edger, while your saving up for a dedicated one, I would look into something like the edgit to help you now. While you'll definitely want to score a dedicated edger eventually, this could help you out for the time being. (Try to get a large engine trimmer for your next one, something like the Stihl FS90R and you can just add a edger attachment. Also, with the trenchblade, you'll have a great bed redefiner. 3 machines in one.

    DEFINITELY get insurance. I always tell people, instead of can you afford it, can you NOT afford it? One errant rock, and your out some serious coin, sitting in front judge. While local will probably be best, also check out They specialize in the green industry.

    Also, you could aim for an enclosed trailer at some point. Once I wrapped mine to look like a billboard, my business tripled. All my new customers say they saw my trailer somewhere. Plus they offer security. I now have 3. Don't laugh, but I've found that Fridge magnets shaped like a lawnmower work surprisingly well. It keeps your name in front of customers, and reminds them how good and fair you are when 30 other LCO's plaster hangers and cards all over their front porch in the spring.

    Also I'm in love with You may not be big enough to need it now, but when you do, it's almost priceless. Runs around $30 a month but I use the $50 one. Has totally replaced my bookkeeper and simplifies my life 20 fold. I'd pay $200 a month for it. I swear. I can email estimates from my I-phone, accept credit cards on my website, have it tell me how to route my properties, take a pic a clients property and attach it to their file, employess can clock in/out with their phones, etc,etc....... It's the greatest thing since the wheel.

    In the end, just remember to Work hard, quality Work, and be Fair and Friendly. Or WWFF as I like to call it. When the dust clears, it's all a numbers game.

    Good Luck and here's hoping for a huge success! :drinkup:
  6. HartselleLawnEnforcement

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    So I picked up a "new" trailer the other day! I bought it off a family friend for $350. It's a 5x10... Probably the best $350 investment I've made! I couldn't pass up the great deal, although I would really like a 6x12, and may get one in the spring.

    Here's some pics I got earlier!






  7. mowing4rlife

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    That little trailer is going to come in handy when you only have to do mulching jobs. What are your plans on getting more equipment?
  8. weeze

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    hey man i live in boaz which is about an hour or so away from you :laugh: good luck on the upcoming year. i started out with 2 customers last year and by the end of the season i had 15. i hope to add to that this coming year. there's also alot of lawncare people around here. just hang in there and they will come.
  9. HartselleLawnEnforcement

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    Yeah I may keep it, but at the same time I think I could make some money off of it since I only paid $350 and not getting some huge, inconvenient trailer to replace it.... I think I could get $500 in my market.

    But that's neither here nor there at this moment... haha.

    Looking forward to this season and my main goal is to get a pole saw, maybe a smaller 36" walk behind or something with a bagger and probably a new blower if possible.

    My truck is also going to receive some TLC this year with a new toolbox, grill guard, and some other things..
  10. HartselleLawnEnforcement

    HartselleLawnEnforcement LawnSite Member
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    Hey! I'm glad to see someone from Alabama around here, especially someone so close. I started out last year with about 4-5 and lost a few due to money and then got a few more, so I still have 4-5.. :laugh: :laugh:

    The market is definitely saturated with lawn care guys, so I definitely try to do good, honest work.

    Hey, I'm looking for a 6x12 trailer this spring... If you come across one, let me know! Craigslist is pretty stale; the same 5 trailers re-listed over and over again... haha. Wanting to spend $800-$950..

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