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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagwildcat, Mar 28, 2006.

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    well this past weekend starts of the year with my first two estimates that i wasted my personal time on, instead of being home with the family. you know the ones that call on a sat/ sunday and need a estimate right away ... the first guy calls, tells me that he has a large lawn, he says he owns 15 acres, i said to my self ok this might be worth looking at right away, so i told the guy that i would be right over, i went and looked at it, it was about 3 to 4 acres of mowing, with fences, i told the guy that i get 65hr hes looking at 3hr min, $195.00. but seeing that he wanted alot more work done, landscape beds, winter snow plowing, cleanups, ect. i told him that i would really give him a deal $110.00 per mowing. he looks at me like i just shot his foot!!! he said that his friend told him that lawn mowing should be cheap seeing that it could be done by a school kid in the summer and he said that a guy gave him a bid of $30 on friday!!! wtf.the guy has a brand new bmw in the driveway .
    the second job i looked at was a lady that wanted all these things done to make her prop. look better, so i tell her what we could do in the front, then we go to the back yard, i explain to her what might look good and how to go about performing that service that she would like me to perform, then i said that i would go to my office and write up a proposal for her, and get back to her my monday afternoon, she says, well, i dont need prices, i just wanted to get a free estimate so i could get some ideas, my husband will do the work!!!!!!!!
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    It takes all kinds. Let some guy mow that for 30 bucks and after 1 time he prob wont be back then again after thinking about it i bet know one is that stupid to estimate it that low and maybe he was just bs you to try to get you to come down in price . It ceases to amaze me how some people are ..... it just makes you want to slap them and tell them to wake up and better yet get bobby loan you his shovel
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    I don't know what the second lady was talking about. That's crazy. I've never heard that in 10 years.

    But the comment the first guy made isn't too uncommon. I've heard comments like that before in person and here on lawnsite. But if someone said that to me, my response would be, "Well, let me educate you a little bit. There's a huge difference between me and some school kid. If you wanna hire some irrresponsible school kid with some junky mower who doesn't understand how to stripe a lawn correctly, doesn't understand what the correct mowing height is for your turf type, couldn't tell you what type of turfgrass you have, doesn't know how to edge straight, can't name most of your plants and doesn't know proper pruning techniques, doesn't have insurance for when his cheap mower throws a rock through your window, doesn't have a bond to cover you when he totally botches the sprinkler repair job you give him, doesn't have worker's comp. insurance for when he slices his arm up while using the electric hedge trimmers he borrowed from you, pisses in your bushes when you aren't looking, pulls up in a truck that leaks oil all over your nice driveway, and shows up randomly whenever it's convenient for him and his friends, etc.....

    "There's a big difference between that kid and a guy like me who does this for a living, pays his taxes, has well maintained and reliable vehicles and equipment, knows your lawn and the correct cutting heights, knows your plants and the correct pruning procedures, has all the equipment and doesn't ever have to borrow anything from you, shows up every week relaibly - like clockwork, cuts lawns professionally for a living, knows how to mow and stripe properly, knows how to edge perfectly, is licensed, bonded, and insured, etc.

    "So, Mr. Smith, you gotta make a choice. You want a professional taking care of your investment? Or do you want some kid doing it on weekends for extra beer money? I'm happy to let you learn the hard way if you want to chose the kid. You'll definitely save money -- in the short run"
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    that was the best thing i have ever heard all day
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    For the lady....I'm thinking Roundup.

    When she leaves the house with her husband to go buy thier new 'ideas'.

    Okay, probably not, but it crossed my mind.
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    Leaving estimates on a Saturday and even on a Sunday? I'd tell them in the future I'll be out there in the beginning of the week.

    I like the post about explaining the differences b/twn a pro and a kid. Nicely worded.

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