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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by weeze, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. weeze

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    I've already done an estimate on this yard earlier this week. I'm just curious to see what other guys on here would estimate this yard at. using the measurement scale on the map the yard is roughly 1 acre in size or maybe a tad more. i've marked the borders in yellow. the guy only wanted me to mow the back part behind the fence in the backyard once a month but mow everything else bi weekly. i told him it would be better to just mow the whole thing each time and gave him an estimate for the entire yard. the yard kindof slopes down a little bit behind the fence which is hard to tell from the pic. anyways let's hear your estimates on this property.

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  2. Ray_Lawns

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    $65-75 roughly. I do one about that size in a country club and its $75
  3. weeze

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    i'll say i priced it cheaper than that and i still may not get it. :laugh:

    i just get an uneasy feeling when they say they are gonna check with other estimates first and then decide. everytime someone has said that to me they go with someone else. every account i've landed they just say yes to my estimate. sometimes they say that's a bit high and they are gonna get other estimates first before they decide so i'll come off like $5-$10 and then they say ok.
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  4. weeze

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    he seemed interested in my bid i guess since he took the time to give me his number and all. i'm just afraid someone is gonna underbid me and steal it away. i'm still trying to build my customer base so i understand i can't go around seeking top dollar for everything. just looking for some opinions or reassurance about it.

    any more opinions?
  5. KrayzKajun

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    I would be in the $75/cut weekly and $125/cut biweekly.
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  6. herler

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    I liked your answer about doing the whole thing, that is very professional, that's what I was talking about in a couple of other threads, that is how we need to deal with customers when they present us with the smack-me-down problem, like... I called you for an estimate BUT!!!
    Oh well why did you get up in the morning, but you didn't say that.

    It is the old problem when they start talking about they only want half of this and then only once a month, what they are really trying to say is they can't afford my services.
    So now that I can't bid it cheap enough, what should I do?

    But jokes aside you might still get the job, because your answer was good.

    Not sure what I would have bid it, I would have to walk the property.
    But I think you did all right, just from the sound of things.
  7. inzane

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    it depends on how many enchilada plates he bought, then he might get a cheap price! :)
  8. weeze

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    when i first arrived i was thinking $50 a cut and then we walked around back and i saw the yard was a bit bigger so i was thinking $60 a cut in my head. then he threw the only cut the back once a month at me so i was thinking ok maybe $45-$50 for the main part and then charge $55-$60 the cut i do the whole thing. i finally just told him i'd cut the whole thing every time for $50 a cut to make things simple.

    i don't like changing it all up every time i cut. it just makes things confusing. that's kindof where i'm at. that is the typical price i've been getting. about $50 per acre. i just don't wanna lose an account over $5-$10 you know what i mean? ...but at the same time i'm not gonna let myself get taken advantage of and be there for over an hr and only make $40.

    my first year i cut an account where the guy was charging $110 for 2 1/2 acres. the lady called me one day because he was in the hospital or something so i cut it that one time. after the cut she was asking if i would do it if he can no longer do it and i said i would have to at least charge $125 a cut. it actually took me 3hrs that first time. anyways last year she called me to do the yard for her. they guy had moved out of town or something. she agreed to pay me $125 a cut. i was able to get the time down to 2 1/2 hrs.

    i just don't get how some people around here charge so little. i think most of them are just doing it on the side or something for extra cash and they already have a main job. anyways after 2 years i'm trying to get at least $50 per hr. i can cut 1 acre mow, edge, trim, and blow in 1hr. i mean if it takes a tad over 1 hr it's not a big deal to me. anyways i think i priced this one right. i just hope i get it. it would be a good start to this year.

    i can't wait until the day i get more established and almost have a full schedule and then i can just say here is my price take it or leave it. i'm only about halfway to where i wanna be as far as customers go so i'm trying to get all i can right now.
  9. ashgrove landscaping

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    $50 yo i guess trimming is up in the air:drinkup:
  10. Nate'sLawnCare

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    If it's centipede, you could get by with the EOW, but if it's bermuda, come June, it will get out of hand in two weeks. Lowest I would go if it was in my area is $65. If they're trying to pinch pennies on the cut, I'd be wary.

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