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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by weeze, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Will P.C.

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    I think the more important thing is that 10-15 off in this price range (lets say under 80). When I was young I would do this to get the job. Anything to get the job and could not fathom the idea of losing the customer over 10-15 or the words "I need other estimates and will call you"

    This often led to me doing the yard, but was super unhappy and pissed each time I did the yard because that 10-15 made a difference to me.

    You are a solo guy and part of the beauty is you can pick over your customers.
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    Looks pretty typical for my area also. My EOW price would be $95-$110 . I like the roundup plan, but it may really only save you time on the outside of the fence. There are several corners on the inside and you will still be walking that to trim unless you spray the roundup 20" from the corner. So you may as well just trim the inside anyway. Those tramps can be drug easy, that is what I do to avoid the big dead weedy spot. Perhaps that is the only level spot for it. From the looks of the swing set and the tramp, you will also have plenty of kids toys laying around once the weather gets nice.
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    yeah i've always moved tramps before but he said don't worry about doing that. usually i move them if they don't have that netting all around them which adds more weight. if they have all of that i just leave them in place.

    trimming shouldn't be too bad. just hit each corner inside the fence. would take less than 5min.
  4. weeze

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    it's just google maps.

    i like bing maps better. the pictures look even better but on there the house isn't even built yet. :laugh:

    it's there on aerial picture but not on bird's eye view. the bird's eye view is what looks clear and good.
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  5. larryinalabama

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    Did you hear back from the people???

    Not that it matters looks like grass season will be delayed this year, SNOW TOMARROW.
  6. weeze

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    yeah i heard nothing yet. i'm gonna call him next week. (a week later) and ask if he's made a decision yet.
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    Yup I'm solo as well. I go as fast as possible to make the job. Being solo only makes your work better and more efficient.
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  8. weeze

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    i don't try to kill myself out there running around being in a hurry all of the time. i just work at a steady pace.

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