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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by redspot321, May 6, 2011.

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    Thanks for taking a look at my other threads the suggestions have been great. This post will help me keep track of my lawn experiment. I figure this will give me something to do over the summer and this is a good place to post my results.

    For those who have not seen my other thread I have a large area of yellowing in my Flortam which does not respond to fertilizer. I sent a soil sample off to University of Florida and here is what the results were.

    PH7.6 (target 6.5)
    Phos 28 (Med)
    Potassium 30 (Low)
    Mag 72 (Very High)
    Calcium >3376 (Off the Chart)

    Copper 0.00
    Maganese 2.25
    Zinc 3.17

    Recommendations from the "Master Gardner"....

    1. Apply Lesco 8-10-10 to replace Phosphate and Potassium and reduce ph
    (Sulfer 6.70%, Copper 0.5%, Iron 3%, Maganese 0.40, Zinc 0.10, Chlorine 2.40%)

    2. Apply Liquid Seaweed to lower PH and micronutrient problems. According to Master gardner


    So I took it a step further and marked off 2 equal sections of the yard 100Sq ft ea and treated one area with Organic Liquid seaweed as suggested and the other with Aluminum Sulphate 5lbs per 100 Sq ft (ALOT!). I will also aerate equal portions of both test areas as well as suggested by some members here. I am just curious to see what works the best so when I treat my entire lawn I can pin it down.

    Start Picture

    Bad yard.JPG
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  2. redspot321

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    Day 1

    Aluminum Sulphate Left Side / Liquid Seaweed Left Side

  3. RigglePLC

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    There are two long green streaks on the upper right...why? Is it fertilizer? Is the soil different there?
    Did you mean you used seaweed extract on the right?

    What does soil look like? Gray clay? Black? Yellow clay? Red clay? White sand? If you shake soil in a jar and let it settle, what does it look like? Does it smell bad?
  4. billslawn89

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    does is look like its cut too low? the green streaks looks like tires marks from the mower, mowing in the same spot making ruts, so grass is taller in those areas. my 2 cents
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  5. South Florida Lawns

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    You got ruts all over the place.
  6. Patriot Services

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    Jeez Red, I just wish you could of kept this all in one thread. I am curious to see how the turf reacts to the literal micro management. I still maintain let it grow tall. As for using the ornamental fert in the yard, its just pricier to customers. But that's not a problem as its your lawn. At least your Lowes ph meter was accurate.
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    You suggestion in the other thread to Verticut a already weak turf, certainly was off the wall. Little Mikey agreeing with you wasn't a surprise considering it was Mikey.
  8. Patriot Services

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    Hard to tell from the photos but the turf looked salvageable. Sure the quick fix would be rip and resod. I felt the verti and topdress would be better than tilling it all up as someone else suggested. I have saved far worse the same way. I do a wider spacing on the blades though.
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  9. redspot321

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    DAY 2

    I did a little digging today and heres what I found....

    The ground is HARD. Harder than I originally thought. I used a 10 inch phillips head around the entire lawn and for the most part it went through the soil easily, In the yellowing section I had to put most of my body weight on the screwdriver to get it through the soil.
    Sounds like a compaction issue as many of you have said:)

    When I removed the top 3-4 inches of turf and soil I was very suprised as to how many roots were in the soil fro the grasss. I figured the roots would be unhealthy as well.

    Also When I took a soil sample from 6-8 inches down it was clumped but broke apart easily in my hand.(this soil is pictured below) I think the roots were holding the soil together until I put a little pressure on it.

    Soooooooo......Whats the best method of areation? and where can you get the supplies if you want yo DIY? Verticut vs core and topdress with sand or what?


  10. RigglePLC

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    To me the soil does not look too bad from the photo. But if it is really hard--that is a bad sign. It is dark--organic hopefully--does not look like clay--but I am only looking at the photo.

    May I suggest a micronutrient mixture. Iron, manganese, sulfer, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum.

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